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Topic: Has anyone used Event PS5's?

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    Has anyone used Event PS5\'s?

    What do you think of them? I can pick up a pair for $195.00 but I don\'t want to waste any money on monitors that are so colored they can\'t be used for referencing. I don\'t mind a little color at the 200 buck range, just so long as they\'re mostly accurate.

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    Re: Has anyone used Event PS5\'s?

    I use them as my primary monitors. As with a lot of small monitors, there ain\'t much bass. It took me a while to \"learn\" the monitors and get bass to translate well, and I still mix it too heavy every now and then.

    Other than that, they serve me well. I\'ve got my eye on them thar Mackies, though, and will keep the PS5\'s as another reference.


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