Just saw this on Yellow Tools web site.
Not sure how long it has been there ....
(personally I don\'t use keyswitching much - my arrangements are not that complicated ... so don\'t know if it would be that useful)


key switch is freeware and thus it is allowed to use it for free. Please make sure to read our freeware disclaimer.

what is key switch...

Key switch is a MIDI filter and routing application. It was conceived and optimized for the use with gigasampler, but as key switch accepts MIDI data from any source and can also send these information back to any other source, it works with any optional combination of MIDI hard- and software in general (e.g. EXS24, HALion, AKAI, Roland, Kurzweil, Cubase, Logic, ProTools etc.).
Key switch is a front end to gigasampler (or any other MIDI hard- and software) like the graph below shows.

midi keyboard --> midi interface --> key switch --> gigasampler
or any other MIDI hard- and software --> audio out

what does key switch do...

With key switch you can create your own, sampling library, instrument and MIDI hard- and software independent key dimensions. Additional features are simultaneous playing, fading and mixing of several instruments.

You can open as much key switch applications you need for your work. If you want to combine different hardware and software samplers for example, just open one key switch application for each sampler you use and adjust the settings accordingly.

Key switch is currently available for Windows PCs only.