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Topic: GPO is on its way...

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    GPO is on its way...

    Newbie here, not a professional musician, just a hobbyist...and GPO is coming in about a day. I am happily anxious. I love what I have heard so far. right now I am using Sibelius and Cakewalk and soundfonts I have found online, but loading them in Cakewalk has been *UGH*...

    Do you guys recommend one notation program over another for GPO, esp. now that GPO Studio works with them? Also, I am praying that loading up the sounds is easier than working with all these soundfonts...yes?


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    Re: GPO is on its way...

    GPO loads fine in Cakewalk.

    You can use Sibelius, but it is worth having a look at Overture which comes bundled with GPO - the integration between the two programs is quite good.

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    Re: GPO is on its way...

    At present I am working with Sibelius 3 and find that it is an easy integration.. I have also worked with Finale and Overture which also are great notation programs. I had some problems with Finale with regard to using GPO, but it may not be anything other than my not knowing how to get it to integrate. Sibelius is at present my favorite because I also have the Photoscore scanning program and I think that the printed output from Sibelius is the most elegant looking of the three. My opinion.

    Ira Kraemer

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