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Topic: Lalo Schifrin video clip

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    Lalo Schifrin video clip

    There\'s some footage of Lalo Schifrin talking about the music he composed for Splinter Cell. It also shows him on the scoring stage;

    http://www.music4games.net/video_splintercell_pandora_tomorrow_lalo_schifrin. html

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    Re: Lalo Schifrin video clip

    Nice clip, although those clips are never long enough. I\'d be happy to watch a 30 minute video [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]. Those 2 mintues video clips on composers always make you want to know more!

    It seems that more and more \"Hollywood\" film composer are entering the gaming world. Great for the gaming world in general. But I guess not so great for upstart game composers. It just makes you look at your samples and wish you could get a big enough gig that wanted to use a real orchestra! But then you gotta know what your doing, LOL... but... Anyone can wave a baton around. Don\'t forget, you created the music and you can most certinally dance to it. Ok, i\'m getting carried away. I just wish I had my own baton and an orchestra to conduct! aaannnndddd 1 + 2 +......

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    Re: Lalo Schifrin video clip

    well, of course it\'s cool for the game developers if hollywood composers \"come down\" and do music for a game, but not every game-dev can afford a hollywood or movie composer.

    if you just go a little smaller thoughtwise, it surely can also happen that a game-composer can do music for a movie project or at least a movie with some budget. i think the movie and movie project area is as big as the game development area and if you meet good producers, regisseurs etc today, they could be the \"big guys\" of tomorrow ... so you grow with them, kinda.

    i dunno the details but even john williams didn\'t start doing the biggest movies with just 20 or 25 years ... so at least i can stay optimistic with all chances and ways open [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Lalo Schifrin video clip

    I agree with Waywyn (btw, look up John Williams at IMDB)

    I saw this show on Discovery about what life will be like in 2020. It was very sensible and they concluded that life won\'t be that much different in 2020. The interesting part is that society as a whole is progressing towards automation. In 2020, they think anywhere from 50-70% of people\'s time will revolve around leisure activities. That\'s good news for us. I think the gaming industry is an excellent place to be right now, and the faster it grows, the more opportunity for all of us.

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