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Topic: GPO with Finale?

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    GPO with Finale?

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me how easy or not it is to use GPO with Finale?

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    Re: GPO with Finale?

    The simple answer is YES you can use GPO with Finale.

    Obviously the more proficient you are with Finale, the easier you will find it to integrate your notation with GPO playback.

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    Re: GPO with Finale?

    Could you give me any more information Richard?

    I have been using Finale for some years and know my way around it quite well. Presumably I just need to send my playback to GPO instead of to my soundcard?

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    Re: GPO with Finale?

    You need to use the GPO studio software that is supplied on the 4th disk of you package to integrate GPO playback into Finale. You will find instructions in the GPO manual of how what setting you need in your MIDI setup dialogue box.

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    Re: GPO with Finale?

    Once you\'ve got Finale playing back through GPO, is that all you need to worry about?

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    Re: GPO with Finale?


    Not really - you need to change your approach to how to get dynamics to playback correctly. GPO uses the Mod wheel to control volume and timbre (as opposed to standard MIDI using velocity), and velocity to control attack.

    So if you are doing everything in Finale then you will need to create some expression libraries to control these settings.

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    Re: GPO with Finale?


    If you are interested, I could email you a library that I have created to achieve reasonable control over playback.

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    Re: GPO with Finale?

    Let me know your email address

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    Re: GPO with Finale?

    And I\'ll send you the file

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    Re: GPO with Finale?

    There\'s alot of information about using GPO Studio with Finale on this forum. For instance, this thread started by Adam Burford:

    Setting Up Finale for GPO Studio

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