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Topic: Ram's Horn

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    Ram\'s Horn

    Hi all,

    Anyone know if there is a library out there with a Ram\'s Horn sample?
    (As in the \"walls-of-Jericho-came-a-tumblin\'-down\" Ram\'s horn). I didn\'t see it among QLRI, Ethno World or World Winds samples. When I do a search on this forum, I get alot of info about computer RAM. There is a Hebrew word for it that escapes me, presently.

    Thanks in advance.

    John Z.

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    Re: Ram\'s Horn

    I forget who it was, someone had a shofar sample for free, if they read this, they mays till offer it, or I could upload it to you with their permission if they no longer have it.

    Do a search for \'shofar\' on this site.

    Shofar, shogood...


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    Re: Ram\'s Horn

    It\'s called a shofar. (show-far)

    You can download a free sample at my website below.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Ram\'s Horn


    Thanks so much.

    Know I have something to \"shofar\" my client.

    John Z.

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    Re: Ram\'s Horn

    Thanks Martin. Im downloading now. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

    Didnt someone here mention (might\'ve been Eric P) that a horn made of Oryx or Kudu or something was used in the Passion of the Christ score?

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    Re: Ram\'s Horn

    Interesting to read about the shofar here. I was watching the old movie \"Ben Hur\" last night and the shofar was featured-maybe not in the music, but in the movie where it was identified. I had downloaded the file on this forum, but didn\'t really know what it was till I saw it there.


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    Re: Ram\'s Horn

    Thanks again, Martin. It is very generous of you to post those.

    They are working beautifully, BTW.


    John Z.

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    Re: Ram\'s Horn

    Glad to hear it\'s working for you. Please post a link to your song if you can.

    BTW, the shofar used is a kudu horn that is about 3 feet long.

    -- Martin

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