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Topic: The next shoe to drop?

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    The next shoe to drop?

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    A friend of mine sent me the following this morning:

    Hi folks:

    Wondering when the next shoe is going to drop? According to this Iranian
    news agency, soon. Do we trust them implicitly? Hell, no. But if the WMDs
    suddenly show up...well, you read it here first. (Unless you already read it
    on www.commondreams.org.)


    Published on Tuesday, April 13, 2004 by the Mehr News Agency (Tehran, Iran)
    New Reports on U.S. Planting WMDs in Iraq

    BASRA -- Fifty days after the first reports that the U.S. forces were
    unloading weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in southern Iraq, new reports
    about the movement of these weapons have been disclosed.

    Sources in Iraq speculate that occupation forces are using the recent unrest
    in Iraq to divert attention from their surreptitious shipments of WMD into
    the country.

    An Iraqi source close to the Basra Governor\'s Office told the MNA that new
    information shows that a large part of the WMD, which was secretly brought
    to southern and western Iraq over the past month, are in containers falsely
    labeled as containers of the Maeresk shipping company and some consignments
    bearing the labels of organizations such as the Red Cross or the USAID in
    order to disguise them as relief shipments.

    The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, added that Iraqi officials
    including forces loyal to the Iraqi Governing Council stationed in southern
    Iraq have been forbidden from inspecting or supervising the transportation
    of these consignments. He went on to say that the occupation forces have
    ordered Iraqi officials to forward any questions on the issue to the
    coalition forces. Even the officials of the international relief
    organizations have informed the Iraqi officials that they would only accept
    responsibility for relief shipments which have been registered and managed
    by their organizations.

    The Iraqi source also confirmed the report about suspicious trucks with fake
    Saudi and Jordanian license plates entering Iraq at night last week,
    stressing that the Saudi and Jordanian border guards did not attempt to
    inspect the trucks but simply delivered them to the U.S. and British forces
    stationed on Iraq\'s borders.

    However, the source expressed ignorance whether the governments of Saudi
    Arabia and Jordan were aware of such movements.

    A professor of physics at Baghdad University also told the MNA correspondent
    that a group of his colleagues who are highly specialized in military,
    chemical and biological fields have been either bribed or threatened during
    the last weeks to provide written information on what they know about
    various programs and research centers and the possible storage of WMD

    The professor also said these people have been openly asked to confirm or
    deny the existence of research or related WMD equipment. A large number of
    these scientists, who are believed to be under the surveillance of U.S.
    intelligence operatives, have claimed that if they refuse to comply with
    this request, they may be killed or arrested on charges of concealing the
    truth if these weapons are found by the Bush administration in the future.

    He said that the Iraqi scientists believe their lives would be in danger if
    they decline to cooperate with the occupation forces, especially when they
    recall that senior U.S. officer Michael Peterson once said, \"Iraqi
    scientists are at any case a threat to the U.S. administration, whether they
    talk or not.\"

    A source close to the Iraqi Governing Council said, \"In the meantime, many
    suspect containers disguised as fuel supplies have been moved about by some
    units of the U.S. special forces. The move has been carried out under heavy
    security measures. Also, there are unofficial reports that the containers
    held biological and bacteriological toxins in liquid form. It is possible
    that the news about the discovery of the WMDs would be announced later.\"

    He also said that such mixtures had been used by the Saddam regime in the

    The source added that some provocative actions such as the closure of
    Al-Hawza periodical by U.S. administrator Paul Bremer, the secret meetings
    between his envoys with some extremist groups who have no relations with the
    Iraqi Governing Council, the sudden upsurge in violence in central and
    southern Iraq, a number of activities which have stoked up the wrath of the
    prominent Shia clerics, and finally, the spate of kidnappings and the
    baseless charges against the Iranian charge d\'affaires in Baghdad are
    providing the necessary smokescreen for the transportation of the WMD to
    their intended locations.

    He said they are quite aware that the White House in cooperation with the
    Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has directly tasked the Defense Department
    to hide these weapons. Given the recent scandals to the effect that the U.S.
    president was privy to the 9/11 plot, they might try to immediately announce
    the discovery of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in order to overshadow
    the scandals and prevent a further decline of Bush\'s public opinion rating
    as the election approaches.

    © Copyright 2004 Mehr News Agency

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    Re: The next shoe to drop?

    I was wondering when this was going to happen. They\'ve taken such a beating on this, that I assumed the the most dispicable administration in US history would have done this earlier. I read this on AOL news today :

    \"In a written report, the panel also quoted former Acting FBI Director Thomas Pickard as saying Attorney General John Ashcroft told him in the summer of 2001 that \'\'he did not want to hear\'\' additional information about possible attacks.\"

    Very interesting as Ashcroft gained so very much from the 911 attacks and his giant \"Patriot Act\" document was being written at the time.

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    Re: The next shoe to drop?

    The only thing that sounds iffy is the part about the battles being a smokescreen. Why would they need that?

    But the rest seems pretty likely. I may start developing a serious dislike for our current administation any day now... [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: The next shoe to drop?

    I seriously doubt this report.

    Until I hear otherwise, I will believe the consensus of the UN Weapons Inspection program -- that Iraq simply does not have any WMD.

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    Re: The next shoe to drop?

    It\'s pretty clear that you\'re right, in fact Colin Powell even admitted that last week. But this report is saying something different: that Bush is going to find WMDs just in time for the election.

    I predict that they\'re going to find Bin Laden in a cave having with them on October 30.

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    Re: The next shoe to drop?

    While it may \"seem likely\" that this will happen soon, it\'s only speculation at this point. To be honest, I wouldn\'t be surprised one way or the other. If Saddam did have WMD, I wouldn\'t be the least bit surprised. If he didn\'t, that\'s not such a stretch either. And whether the Bush administration plants WMDs, either way I won\'t be too surprised. If they don\'t, they\'ve already given tons of excuses why it\'s not important that they didn\'t find any. And if they do, it\'s not unexpected that someone, especially in an election year, would fabricate evidence that is needed so badly to lend legitimacy to his grave actions.

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    Re: The next shoe to drop?

    i can see why most people just withdrawl from trying to make sense of things

    all the information and misinformation, and the fact that we have to rely on sources that are outside our imediate experiences makes everything surreal

    and i think they play on this, you need to be at this full time to get any realistic picture

    one minute this is happening, the next this is happening, than back to the beginning, and bang they admit that it really was happening, but guess what no one does anything anyway

    here is the bush administration being accused of probably the worst crime that you could possibly do against your own people which is murder, not to mention all the innocent Afhgans and Iraqi\'s and American soldiers, but there is very little serious talk of war crimes, why is that?

    you can drag in a whole history of evil doing but the American people dont ask for justice, i dont know, the same thing will happen here, just diversion after diversion after diversion until people get bored and tired of trying to follow it

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    Re: The next shoe to drop?

    This is one of the \"All of the above\" situations.

    Its been said that we know Iraq had WMDs because we have the reciepts. (we sold them product after all)

    A while back it was just common knowledge that they had them. Inccorect common knowledge perhaps but it was the talk of the town by many public sources and was also the reason Clinton justified some of his missle attacks on Iraq when he was in office.

    Saddam either hid them someplace or he destroyed what he had but continued to bluff everyone in hope of being left alone. It doesn\'t change the fact that the whole mess centers around oil and that the powers that be are probably sinister.

    So, I believe he probably did have some WMDs and WMD programs but has made them all disappear to embarass us. (I would do the same if it was me!) There was plenty of time to do it. It just seems like common sense to me that it is \"possible\" that they could exist and be hidden or destroyed. I also know the powers that be realize that they must \"find\" some WMDs one way or the other, even if it means planting them.

    Just because the motive for invading may be wrong or sinister, it doesn\'t automatically mean that the weapons did not exist.


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    Re: The next shoe to drop?

    Yes, you\'re right. In fact, the weapons did obviously exist because he had used them before. And I can definitely imagine an almost endless list of possible hiding places in a country of that size. Like you said, all of the above. Just about anything is possible in this situation. And I don\'t think people should be so quick to make assumptions one way or the other in the absence of real evidence. Without evidence, you must rely on reason. And reason dictates that just about anything is possible with this deal.

    Personally, however, I don\'t think the motivations were oil. I think they were much more complex than that. Don\'t get me wrong, I don\'t think they were about our best interests as they claim. But I don\'t think it\'s just about oil. That\'s actually a pretty darned weak motivating factor. And I don\'t see that actually happening either. The whole oil-motivation was said about the first Gulf War and it never materialized. Now it\'s being said again, and again I don\'t really see it materializing.

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    Re: The next shoe to drop?

    And, then to add even more confusion, who\'s interpretation or \"spin\" of this evidence believable?


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