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Topic: Any LOTR (FOTR, TT, ROTK) mockups?

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    Any LOTR (FOTR, TT, ROTK) mockups?

    With the LOTR trilogy being such a kickass accomplishment musically, I\'m surprised to see a lack of mockups based on the score. Has anyone done anything that I missed? Or would the time required be too much for many of the working professionals on this forum? I\'ve played along with the soundtrack briefly, to see if the samples could live up, and they do.. especially SAM Brass. I think doing LOTR mockups would be quite a technical challenge: lots of string runs and fast string passages, awesome choir work that VOTA MIGHT have trouble pulling off realistically*. But without the sheet music, I probably wouldn\'t even try to do any mockups [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] Some of the pieces have so much stuff blended together, it\'s hard to tell what\'s going on exactly.

    Anyway, if anyone knows of any mockups that are out there... post here [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] I\'d like to hear them.

    *I don\'t want to say VOTA can\'t do it, because I can\'t judge since I don\'t own the new word-builder utility that came out recently. Maybe it could..dunno..

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    Re: Any LOTR (FOTR, TT, ROTK) mockups?

    What the heck, I\'ll post one I did last summer:


    It uses GOS and Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds. I skipped the first part of the tune and just started at the nice string section. Not sure why I did the piece, was just figuring it out on piano and decided to do a mockup. Always fun to do stuff like that.


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    Re: Any LOTR (FOTR, TT, ROTK) mockups?

    I\'m currently trying to do a mockup of the Bridge of Khazad Dum, which is a very fun project as long as I\'m working on the brass sections (using SAM libs), but becomes VERY difficult as soon as I get to the other sections, since there\'s just so much going on that it becomes too hard to identify any particular instrument part. If I could get ahold of the sheetmusic, I\'m sure the project would be much more plausible. I don\'t have any nice vocal libraries, though so I\'ll have to end it as soon as I get to the chanting. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: Any LOTR (FOTR, TT, ROTK) mockups?

    Here\'s one I did so long ago, I don\'t even remember when. I just did this for my own purposes and did not plan on anyone else hearing it, but ahhh - what the heck.

    Two Towers Practical

    BTW, posting this is not infringing on anyone\'s copyright is it?

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    Re: Any LOTR (FOTR, TT, ROTK) mockups?

    They both sound great!

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    Re: Any LOTR (FOTR, TT, ROTK) mockups?

    Simon Ravn has a piece called Middle Earth on his website; www.simonravn.com

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    Re: Any LOTR (FOTR, TT, ROTK) mockups?

    Awesome job, guys.. those sound great!!

    Simon Ravn\'s piece is cool but it\'s not a mockup of LOTR..it\'s his own composition.

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    Re: Any LOTR (FOTR, TT, ROTK) mockups?

    Ah, there you go. Sorry.

    Just remembered Simon doing something in regard to LOTR.

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    Re: Any LOTR (FOTR, TT, ROTK) mockups?

    Matt, Just finished listening. Excellent transcription, very convincingly done.

    Enjoyed both demos.

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    Re: Any LOTR (FOTR, TT, ROTK) mockups?

    I found this short excerpt on Kirk Hunter\'s Solo Strings site:


    Also, here is the piece inspired by the LOTR Trilogy, from Simon Ravn:


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