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Topic: Hardcore Bass XP -5 new basses raw demo

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    Hardcore Bass XP -5 new basses raw demo

    I forgot who was asking for this, but anyway, I put together a little solo demo of the 5 new basses included in the Hardcore Bass XP expansion. Each little melody is played back through the left (80\'s Ampeg) channel and then the right (50\'s vintage Ampeg) channel of the same bass patch. You can freely and easily mix between the 2 different amp/signal paths, in real time, in the actual library, but I didn\'t show that in the demo.


    The demo is at the bottom and is called \"HCB XP dual amps.\"

    Also, Hardcore Bass XP (which is the original 2.2 gig instrument plus a new 4 gig vintage bass instrument with amp mixing capability) was reviewed this month in Keyboard magazine. Some quotes:

    \"This library sets a new standard for low end.\"

    \"Ballsy doesn\'t even begin to describe the soundset.\"

    \"Ofcourse, nothing will ever replace a great performance captured on tape or disk, but if you don\'t have the right players, the best instruments, and a killer signal path at your disposal, Hardcore Bass is the next best thing, period.\"

    \"For sheer variety, I have to give the expansion set a big thumbs up because it covers so much ground from Brit rock to Tom Petty and more.\"

    \"While Hardcore\'s classic and current rock sound might not be ideally suited for other styles such as jazz and R&B, no other library or software instrument comes close to the depth (pun intended) and usability of Hardcore Bass.\"
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    Re: Hardcore Bass XP -5 new basses raw demo

    <font color=\"green\"> Nick </font>
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    Sounds cool. Is there a release date yet? </font>
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    What are the basses in the demo? </font>

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