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Topic: scene cue revised

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    scene cue revised

    I started over twice. It still hits picture cues but not as tight nor as big. There are a couple that I just couldn\'t get around with out hitting. I suppose that\'s my inexperience.

    Please give me some more comments.

    Thanks, its not a .org site but this is a great educational site. Both for learning about what\'s out there in samples and for learning about the practice of using those samples.

    I will take link this down after a few days as well.


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    Re: scene cue revised

    I thought the music was fine, but the video was typical of a lot of \"new\" film-making in that we have a long, boring sequence with a lot of can\'t-hold-a-shot-for-more-than-5-seconds, cross-cutting.

    Cross-cutting, I think, to make up for a lack of content. I just didn\'t find the \"fight\" all that interesting.


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    Re: scene cue revised

    I dont know what I would be able to do to make it better. I think it\'s great. Could you maybe let me in on what Libraries you are using?

    Eric W

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    Re: scene cue revised

    Awesome... major major improvement over the first version! You totally nailed it right on with the assault scene in the beginning. And the fight scene music is a lot better now too.. I think you achieved the kind of \"mysterious battle\" you were going for.

    Nice work!

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