\"Bidule\" can enable this since Live has no vsti support,itself, but I am not the whiz that I\'d like to be with pc\'s at all, so I simply have to make up for my lack of training/experience with persistence&patience&TIME, and the folks at the Bidule forum are responding but I am hoping to resolve this today, or tomorrow, hopefully,or at least sometime this week, and I can follow directions,its just,where are some?

What I would like to ask:

Is there anyone who has tried to use the \"Kontak\" player? (not Kontakt, Kontak) There is a free \"player\" bundled with Garritan Personal Orchestra, and I am trying to use that piece of software. This is all I am able to afford at this time, I just am asking if anyone with knowledge about how to use of this player is willing to share it with me,

I own GPO, but am tapped out for now, so the obvious solution must wait.

1.99mhz celeron ( I have plans for a new system with more hp with a p4p800 mb)

512 ram (I know, I know, my plans are to double, as soon as I can)
60gb maxtor 5400rpm oem UDMA5 enabled cache2mb
80gb W.Dig. 7200rpm oem \" \" \" 8 \"
76gb array raid O using two WD Raptors 10,000rpm \" \" \"
(i really cried when i realized i am uneligible for the disk extension download)

Tascam us224 midi,I/O interface, soundcard solution

I want to record directly from Garritan to Ableton Live via Bidule on the same pc
BASICALLY i PLAN TO GET SOME UTILITY FROM BOTH APPS ON ONE PC IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, FOR A PERIOD.. that is I am hoping to do so until such time I can upgrade one of my weaker aspects of my daw system, or more

I graciously thank every person reading this, and especially those who can comment, thanks for your polite response.