I\'d like to invite you to visit our site and listen to the organs of Gottfried Silbermann from Rötha, Germany. That\'s right, we have TWO of these historic organs available in Hauptwerk format and also .wav format. After the release of Giga Studio 3 we\'ll be transferring all of the organs we have into that format. Here\'s a great demo of the larger of the two. This organ was played on by Mendelssohn himself who praised it for it\'s beauty.

Mendelssohn Sonata No. 3

No reverb was added, everything is natural from the church upon key release. We even sampled the keyboard/pedal action noise, blower noise, stop noise, church bells and even the BIRDS chirping outside!!! These are so important to simulate if you want to experience the realism of actually playing these historic instruments. With Hauptwerk version 2 around the corner, more simulations will be possible that no other sampler software platform is able to do now. Hear is another demo which shows a single 8\' flute stop with the keyboard noise:

Gott vater in ewigkeit

Any pipe organ enthusiast will realize that these organs are a treasure. All stops were recorded individually with long notes and were perfectly looped.

Please let me know if you have any questions. And if you haven\'t tried Hauptwerk, you can do so for free as it is shareware. There are some free downloadable organ sets to try with it. Please visit our site for more details.