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Topic: Sound doesn't stop...

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    Sound doesn\'t stop...

    l use the mfx wrapper to use the pitch bend instead of the modwheel.
    It works fine in live.

    When l am recording in cubase, it works.
    But when l play, if l stop the séquencer before the end of the music. The sound doesn\'t stop...

    Do you know what l can do ?

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    Re: Sound doesn\'t stop...

    Are you using the VST or the DXi?

    When I use the Personal Orchestra VST in Sonar, I get that exact problem. Notes sustain when I hit the stop button...

    Try using the DXi.

    - Junk

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    Re: Sound doesn\'t stop...

    l am using the VST with cubase SX.

    But, l am remainding that someone have make a post where he describes how to do. It was with the volume...


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    Re: Sound doesn\'t stop...

    Is anyone Else have another proposition ?
    Thanks !

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    Re: Sound doesn\'t stop...

    It happens because the sequencer is stopped before sending a note stop MIDI message (if it is in a middle of a long note). It also happened to me when using GPO studio. I\'ll investigate if using an \"all notes stop\" MIDI controller message will help and how to automate that although I would\'ve imagined that the sequencer would do that automatically.

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    Re: Sound doesn\'t stop...

    Thanks Dan for your answer.
    Is there a workaround for the moment ?

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    Re: Sound doesn\'t stop...

    So, is anyone else have this pb ?
    Thanks !

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    Re: Sound doesn\'t stop...

    I use the same sequencer, Cubase SX v2.0.1 and GPO VST and do not have this problem, when I hit stop there is a all notes stop midi message sent out that cuts the note, even if I stop it in the middle of a sustain.

    Go through your preferences and make sure you haven\'t accidentally turned this feature off. I am not at home right now, so I don\'t have SX in front of me, but I will look into it when I\'m home this evening to see if I can give you better directions than that...

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    Re: Sound doesn\'t stop...

    I had a very similar problem. After a while I found out that in the Kontakt settings I set the pedal mode to \"Normal\" (I was playing around with the Steinway) and forgot to switch it back to \"midi cc\". Try checking if this setting is wrong in your Kontakt instance.

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    Re: Sound doesn\'t stop...

    Try my TenCrazy.com MFX SustainFix. it cures several common sustain problems.

    - m

    (and sorry, Dan, I got this one covered already! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img])

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