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Topic: Sonar & Kontakt- sample Looping Problem??

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    Sonar & Kontakt- sample Looping Problem??

    I would like to use sonar & Kontakt in Live program. I would like to load samples in kontkat that should go in loop mode when i trigger from Midi keyboard. I use kontakt as VSTi with Sonar. Midi events are Routed by Sonar to Kontakt.

    How to achieve given cases in Kontakt.

    1) When i press(one press) key in midi keyboard, sample in kontakt should go in Loop mode.
    When i press the same Key again, Loop should stop.

    But in Kontakt, they have option sample will be on Loop Until i release the key. I don;t want to keep pressing all the time. Just One press to start & another press to Stop Playing. I checked Loop icon in Kontakt, When i changed the sample parameters, Audio changes are not seen in Loop Icon.

    2) I want to maintain velocity key pressed at certain level in kontakt sampler whether i press the keyboard key very soft or hard.

    3) I want to filter certain number of midi keys, so that if i press any other keys that will not trigger the sample. IS there any way i can avoid keys in the sampler.

    In future I am going to use BrainSpawn Forte. it has got Efficient midi Routing.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Sonar & Kontakt- sample Looping Problem??

    1) I don\'t think this is possible. If you need your hands free in a live situation to do other things while the loop plays you might have to use a sustain pedal. You can make it so the loop plays longer by increasing values in the ADSR envelop, but it will still fade out. I\'m also pretty sure it is not possible to cut the loop off by pressing the same key again. You could create a dummy key with a 0 volume sample that is in the same voice group with the polyphony set to 1. When you press the dummy key the loop would stop, but making the loop continue without a sustain pedal might not be possible so that would be a moot point anyway.

    2) In the amplifier section press the mod button and delete the mapping of velocity to volume

    3) In the mapping editor stretch the sample over only the key(s) that you want to trigger the sample

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    Re: Sonar & Kontakt- sample Looping Problem??

    Thanks Fizbin

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