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Topic: VSL Performance Tool with Opus?

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    VSL Performance Tool with Opus?

    Hey everyone,

    I couldn\'t determine from the VSL Horizon website if Opus included the performance tool for the EXS24 version. If anyone knows, or could point me to more info, I\'d appreciate it.

    Also, if I could ask some advice...

    I have a couple projects coming up that will require me to do convincing string mock-ups. I already own GOS, as well as Kirk Hunters solo strings. I often layer Kirks solo strings with GOS to add a \"sense of movement\", or definition. I\'m hoping to expand on that concept.

    Would Opus (with the performance tool) give me some more options to create realism (transitions between notes), or should I go with the Horizon solo strings to layer with GOS, assuming it has the performance tool as well?

    I\'m generally happy with the results I get now, I\'m just looking to add more programming/sonic options, and get some opinions from folks here.

    Thanks in advance...

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    Re: VSL Performance Tool with Opus?

    Although I don\'t have Opus, if I were you I\'d definitely go with Opus. The strings sound so much better than GOS, in my opinion. It DOES have legato and repetition patches, so it does come with a perf. tool. Plus, you get the other fine sounding instruments. I\'m not real crazy about the VSL solo strings. I think you\'ve probably already got the best solo strings set already.

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    Re: VSL Performance Tool with Opus?

    I does not come with the performance tool... it comes with the right to download and use the tool once you have registered Opus. In other words its not on the DVD... Just so you know, since ive seen quite a few posts about people looking for it [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    But you will get the Tools for Opus no matter what format you use...

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