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Topic: GPO with Gigasampler?

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    GPO with Gigasampler?

    I have a Win2000 PC with an Echo Mia sound card. I use Sonar 3 with Gigasampler, but I don\'t know anything about VST or DXI plugins. Will I be able to run GPO at the same time as Gigasampler? Thank you for the info.

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    Re: GPO with Gigasampler?

    Hi Kavise

    I am in the middle of writing a tutorial on using Sonar with GPO. I am also going to add a section on using Sonar in conjunction with the gigasampler. It\'s a funny process, getting it all to work together. But worth the effort. Giga is great!

    The first part of the tutorial is completed, and will be up on the garritan website in a matter of days:


    The entire tutorial will be completed soon.

    - Junk

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    Re: GPO with Gigasampler?


    You should be able to run GigaStudio and GPO on the same machine. GigaStudio and Kontakt Player will compete for the same drivers on the same computer, but the workaround below should make this possible:

    WORKAROUND: After you\'ve installed GigaStudio, run it before running Cubase and disable outputs 1,2 in Giga (Cubase grabs these outs so if you leave them enabled it\'ll cause problems). Close Giga and run SX and disable whatever Giga outs you are using (3, 4?) so that each output pair is only assigned to one app. Now close Cubase and run Giga again, go to \'Setting Hardware\' and set all midi inputs to \'None\' then go to \'Settings General\' and set Sequencer priority to about 5 and click apply, (you\'ll need to experiment with this). Now run Cubase, you should find 4 Giga midi ports available in SX and that should be it. If possible, use 3 HD\'s, 1 for system, 1 for Gigs and 1 for audio. Recording Giga back into Cubase depends on your audio card and you may need to wire outs 3, 4 to ins 1,2 or something. Otherwise you could use the Giga record feature and import the waves into SX. On the RME Site there is technical information about using GSIF and ASIO simultaneously.

    GigaStudio 3.0 when released may address this issue if there is VST support. Also, you should be aware of the Win200 MIDI device limitation which is mentioned in the knoeldege base at Microsoft. You may not be affected but if you are there are easy workarounds.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GPO with Gigasampler?

    I have a PC with an Echo Mia card installed as well as a Terratec card which I consider to be much better than the MIA, but if you just have the Mia card you should have no trouble at all getting Giga to behave itself under Sonar.

    Since the Mia has eight \'virtual\' outputs it was the low-budget card of joice to use with Giga as you simply assign Giga to use one of the \'pairs\' of outputs. Under 98SE you had to set the GSIF driver (Giga) to multi-client or it will grab all eight outputs. You only need 1 pair as you are going to be using wave capture under Giga and importing the tracks into Sonar.

    So you see you have the advantage of not having to get it all to work together with \'special techniques\' as if you had just one pair of outputs!

    The suggestions here are quite valid for most other users, though.

    Now the bad news....

    The MIA card doesn\'t exactly work as advertised and you may experience small pops and clicks if you push it even a little hard sometimes. Experiment with buffer settings and you may even want to try moving it to different PCI slots inside your computer to maximize performance. I have been through alot of experimenting with this card and if I had it to do over again I would have just bought a second EWX 24/96 card and been done with it. The Terratec gives excellent performance under Giga (and ASIO too!!)

    Much luck to you......

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