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Topic: stupid rewire questions

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    stupid rewire questions

    ok time to build some more boxes!
    if i am planning to use giga 3 and ewql on a seperate PC.
    1. do i still need a decicated audio card if a am using rewire to my sequencer pc??
    2. how is the quality of rewire streams? what format is the streaming file based on ??
    right now i am using adat from my giga to my delta 1010.
    to me spdif sounds a bit think when compared to the adat, so i would like to sound as solid as adat.

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    Re: stupid rewire questions

    1. You can\'t use Rewire between different machines... It\'s a solution for connections between different applications within a single machine. If you want to do the audio over LAN thing with Giga 3 (or 2.5) you have to go with FXTeleport and the upcoming Giga VST Adapter from FX-Max.

    2. I don\'t know the exact protocol, but I would be surprised if they had decided to use anything else than 32-bit float buffers which almost all applications use internally.


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