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Topic: Giga format of the Bosendorfer 290, not plugin

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    Giga format of the Bosendorfer 290, not plugin

    I wanted to know if anyone here has the Giga format of the Bosendorfer 290, not the plugin. I needed to know if the was any problems with converting the samples to KONTAKT. Anything lost in the conversion?. I am going with the Giga version cause I might change samplers. Thanks

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    Re: Giga format of the Bosendorfer 290, not plugin

    The latest version of Kontakt (1.55) handles the import from Giga pretty nice.
    If you are familiar with Kontakt you can adjust several issues yourself after the raw import in Kontakt.
    But if you want to enjoy the full Kontakt Bosendorfer 290 experience you are better off with the native version:
    * 24 bits samples (instead of 16 bit)
    * you can use the PMI Kontakt update patches from our website. You cannot load these when you have the imported samples from Giga, since the naming convention is different.
    * all parameters are optimised for Kontakt
    *real-time re-pedalling, velocity scaling adjusted, filters adjusted etc

    The 2nd format disk would be a $50 extra, which covers the duplication and shippings costs. And you have both Giga and Kontakt version so you are free to switch between versions depending what works best under a given situation.

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