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Topic: ADAT question

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    ADAT question

    This will seem very archaic but I\'m not sure who else to ask. We have received these ADAT digital tape machines at the studio I work at.

    One of the machines emits a sound much like SMPTE or a square wave when a tape is played regardless of whether it contains recorded material or not.

    I know for sure it is not the tape that contains SMPTE information. I was wondering if there is some hidden setting I have missed, before I bring these in for repair.

    Anybody have any experience with these? Any help is appreciated.


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    Re: ADAT question

    Check to see if the tc generator is turned on or off and make sure you are not listening to tc out of the machine. Is the code coming out of digi out or audio out? What do you hear if there is audio on a tape?

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