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Topic: Got GPO Today!

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    Got GPO Today!

    Well...as a hobbyist I feel a little overwhelmed, though I did get it to function in Overture and Sonar 3....there is so much here! The woodwinds in particular sound amazing.

    Won\'t load up in Sibelius 3 though...it recognizes the 8 GPO devices, but when I open the Mixer it only gives me the option of Microsoft GM Wavetable Synth...any help on that, I would be MOST appreciative!

    One thing I definately will need is 1-2GB of RAM (at some point!)


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    Re: Got GPO Today!


    After you get the hang of GPO it won\'t be overwhelming. Glad you got it to work with Overture and Sonar. GPO works with Sibelius in the same manner as it works with Overture. You must assign the 8 devices to the GPO instances and corresponding instruments. In the manual there is info on setting up GPO studio to work along with Sibelius. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Got GPO Today!

    Be sure to change the Sibelius setting so that it doesn\'t default to Kompakt Silver for the sound device.

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    Re: Got GPO Today!

    well, it should be listed in Play/Devices, and the Use column set to yes, if not Sibelius won\'t use it

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    Re: Got GPO Today!

    Got it to work in Sibelius 3 this morning! Briefly considered taking the day off to have fun instead of work...

    Its clear to me that with less than a one gig of RAM, I better stick to \"smaller\" pieces. I look forward to my new computer even more now!

    I hope to get a sample posted up here in a few days. If anything to prove that this is a program for everyone , casual to pro!


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