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Topic: Prelude on "Angeli"

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    Prelude on "Angeli"

    For those of you who remember my Postlude on "Melanchthon", I recently finished it's counterpart:
    Prelude on "Angeli" - mp3
    Prelude on "Angeli" - midi
    Prelude on "Angeli" - pdf

    The prelude shows the GPO Organ in a very different light than the Postlude. This piece is meant to be contemplative and conducive to preparing one for worship. It uses GPO instrumentation: Pipe Organ: Flutes, Cornet & Prinzipal. For those of you who have sub-woofers or monitors with a good low end, check out the last chord of the piece. I essentially made my own 16' Flutes stop for the pedals by detuning the existing Flute sound -12 semitones, then coupled it on the same midi channel with the existing Flutes (8') sound...very realistic result.

    This rendering was streamed directly to .wav using GPO Studio Streamer, then converted to mp3. The only plugin used is the Ambience reverb (Church preset).

    Hope you enjoy. (Don't fall asleep!)

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    Re: Prelude on \"Angeli\"

    Glenn, that surly is beautiful!

    Will you be publishing these pieces? I would like to buy a copy for our organist at church. I’m sure Don would love to play these.

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    Re: Prelude on "Angeli"


    Thanks again for your kind words.

    I'm anticipating that Oxford University Press will publish them. But as that usually takes a while, and since during the interim I own all copyrights and permissions, if you'd like I'll email you the .pdf files for the prelude and postlude...no charge...I'll get my rewards when I pass on (and when my Oxford royalty checks come.)

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    Re: Prelude on \"Angeli\"

    Glenn, Thank you very much. I’ll be looking forward to seeing it and hearing it live on our new Allen organ. It would have been nice to hear the live performance you referred to in a previous post. Pittsburg is just a little far this time of year when we are terribly busy with spring sales in our family nursery.

    By the way, really like your website…real classy.

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    Re: Prelude on \"Angeli\"

    I had to do a double stop with this one. Once was not enough. Beautiful and relaxing!

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    Re: Prelude on \"Angeli\"

    Glenn -

    Outstanding music and an amazing realization with the GPO organ resources. You are for the GPO organ what Francesco is to the GPO orchestra. Great job!

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    Re: Prelude on \"Angeli\"

    Absolutely beautiful! It\'s amazing how so many people here are using the same tool but producing such a great variety of wonderful music. I too listened to this over again. Very spiritual.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Prelude on "Angeli"


    Thanks...very kind comments all. John, I couldn't agree more with you, how amazing it is to see the varied directions everyone has gone. A tribute to the creativeness of the group and the versatility of GPO.

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