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Topic: Very Worried

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    Very Worried

    As a major Giga user I am a little distressed at some news from a work colleague
    In LA. Apparently he is using a G5 with Logic instead of his ten Giga set up.
    I only have the basic of detail and wondered if anyone new anything about such a set up.

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    Re: Very Worried

    G5 with Logic may be able to replace that setup - but I seriously have my doubts. (I own a G5 Dual - currently running EXS24MkII & VSL). Seems more feasible to use the G5 as the master and lock the Giga PCs to it - or run EXS24MkII and still lock the GigaPCs to it.

    Bottom line I really don\'t think your library and sampler are in jeopardy and will still see use in professional environments. Just my opinion.

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    Re: Very Worried

    I use a dual G4 w2ith DP, and Giga is jusr one of the PCs i have locked to it. So what? It won\'t change the way you work, unless you\'re sharing music daqta files (in which case there is a serious communiction breach that he would do this without consulting with you.)

    There is nothing to downgrade Giga - it sounds as good as ever! if it\'s getting older (waiting for v3) then it\'s just mature, not out of style.


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    Re: Very Worried

    There is no telling what those G5 computers are capable of but Giga should be able to match if not exceed it once the PC hardware, OS and software apps get into 64 bit. The PC is lagging behind a bit in going 64 bit but it will probably leap frog later on the way they do once things get caught up. PCs tend to evolve a bit quicker than Macs due to the constant competition and free nonstandardized hardware. However, that does cause some problems with making it all work together. Configuring PCs is great because they eventually wind up being more powerfull for alot less money but it can be more of an art than a science sometimes.

    I doubt the G5 would litterally replace 10 gigas for realtime streaming samples because a single computer hard drive setup can not stream 10 times more samples than 10 separate hard drives in real time polyphony. Using the Freeze function probably helps make it easier to use a single machine but even as nice as it is, its still an extra step and many composers really like it all online at once. (myself included)

    Also, here is a thread that makes my point.


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    Re: Very Worried


    Can you give me an idea of the best I could expect from a G5 set up?
    At the moment I run a stand alone PC running Logic and eight PCs running Giga.
    How might I benefit from going that route? Most of my work is orchestral using on average, 3 ports (20 instruments) per Giga. Surely there can’t be a real alternative to my set up that is as straight forward?

    Sorry to sound so dim but my knowledge of MIDI music making is limited to my own Gigastudio set up.

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    Re: Very Worried

    After reading the enlightened comments and advice above, I think I am happy to RIP and stop panicking.
    Thanks everyone for the input. I\'ll just keep on Giggering for now and look forward to Giga3 ??!!!!

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