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Topic: 3 hours for 1 minute of music...

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    3 hours for 1 minute of music...

    ... and it\'s just the first couple of measures! This is Mozart\'s Symphony No. 40 In G Minor K. 550: 1. Molto Allegro ... I had some trouble getting the short bows to sound *loud* enough so I adjusted the decibel level control in the Kontakt player, is that what it is meant to do or is it preferred to adjust the balance using the sequencer (which does not seem to do anything)?

    Tips, anyone?


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    Re: 3 hours for 1 minute of music...


    Adjusting the level using the Kontakt player knob is just fine. The setting will be remembered as part of the song file for your sequencer.

    The other alternative is to activate the “use std cc#7 and cc#10 for volume and pan” in the Options menu of the player. The player will then respond to volume and pan data placed in your sequencer tracks (or sent from an external hardware controller). One of the downsides to this option is the default settings in the player will be overridden and you must place volume and pan data in each track.


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    Re: 3 hours for 1 minute of music...


    That sounds pretty rewarding for 3 hours of work. Did you take that from a score or by transposing it from a recording? Just think how long it would take to compose something of that quality. A whole lot longer than 3 hours for me - that is out of my league anyway - because I am just a beginner. Anyway I enjoy listening and hopefully learning. Let\'s hear some more of this magnificent symphony when you get a few more spare hours. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]


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    Re: 3 hours for 1 minute of music...

    Getting some clipping in my right speaker, but other than that it sounds great. You should see what I\'ve accomplished after owning GPO for months. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img] To horrible to even imagine.

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    Re: 3 hours for 1 minute of music...

    All - Thanks for the kudos!

    Dave - I use Cubase SX with GPO as a VST Instrument. This was done of off the orchestral score. I am a beginner too, this is my second mock up, I just love the way GPO empowers people, it gives amazing results with *little* sweat [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img] When I get more done, I\'ll be happy to share the files with you, if you\'re interested.

    Joseph - I do not believe you are horrible! You\'re right about the recording , it stinks, I did it all on my laptop and I should have cut back on the ambience plug-in\'s CPU usage to get rid of the clipping.

    Thanks again,

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    Re: 3 hours for 1 minute of music...

    3 hours for one minute? That\'s fast...if not too fast. I need for one minute always about 2-3 days...

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    Re: 3 hours for 1 minute of music...

    ok my fault

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    Re: 3 hours for 1 minute of music...

    Ok here some tips:

    -the strings from 0:40 on are good...but before that they have an unnatural envelope behaviour. I know they are played light & and short...but nevertheless you should try to get more legato. A trick is to draw decent overlaps in the midi editor, or double the track, shift the second slightly in order to fill the gaps. But it is not only your fault. The fade-ins that are intended/programed when you play softly sound super artificial. But we are users of the second class and without full Kontakt you can\'t access that.

    -for more level/power on a certain track I can recommend the freebie ruby tube.


    It is a compressor and sure erases dynamics to a certain degree...but if you want it loud....grab that plug-in

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    Re: 3 hours for 1 minute of music...

    [ QUOTE ]
    ... I had some trouble getting the short bows to sound *loud* enough...
    Tips, anyone?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    When you were having volume trouble were you attempting to use the MW on the short bow instruments?

    The short bows (VLNS 1 SHORT BOWS, VLNS 2 SHORT BOWS, VIOLAS SHORT BOWS, CELLOS SHORT BOWS, and BASSES SHORT BOWS) are volume controlled with the Note Velocity, Vel (Vol), not CC#1 Modulation Wheel (MW).

    I enjoyed your recording.

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