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Topic: question about harp packets

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    question about harp packets

    I have a dedicated Dell PC running GPO and a Mac G4 running digital performer. I have the harp packets that are on disc #4 of the library. Am I correct that these packets need to be on my Mac where I can drag a specific key into DP? I tired to open the harp packets on the Mac but the window indicated.... \"could not open because the original program that created this document could not be found\" or something like that.....
    Any ideas, if you want to email me your phone number I will call you if you would be so kind to help, I tried Gary but he\'s out of town for a few days. Thanks, Dan

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    Re: question about harp packets


    You should post this question on the Garritan board of this site. I\'m surprised no one else has suggested this.

    Here\'s a quick link:



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    Re: question about harp packets

    you are exactly right, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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