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Topic: Prosamples - missing files?

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    Prosamples - missing files?

    Hi Everyone
    I just bought a prosamples CD, but am confused. I was planning to use the Akai samples converted into giga format, but cannot find them. I have the CD with the audio samples and the Akai samples, but when I put the CD in my reader, no files are present.
    Can anyone shed any light on this?

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    Re: Prosamples - missing files?

    Akai format samples can not be read \"normally\" in a Windows computer. To be able to \"see them\", you need some specialized software like:

    - CDXTract

    - Translator

    Also, many of the \"soft samplers\" can read AKAI data directly.

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    Re: Prosamples - missing files?

    Put the disk in your CD drive, then open Giga. It will see the disk, and convert directly with no problem. Translator may do a better job,but I\'ve never tried it on Akai stuff, \'cause giga handles it usually just fine (at least for the Prosamples disks...)


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