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Topic: Idea for GPO

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    Idea for GPO

    Has there been any thought into creating some instructional, or study book/CD/GPO collaborations?

    With regards to composition and study? I think there might be a fair market for this. MIDI/Finale/Sibelus files optimized for GPO, for peopel to study music with.

    Imagine being able to hear, listen, look and build (in workbook style) all in the same application.

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    Re: Idea for GPO

    Wasn\'t this Garry\'s intent when he released the library. I know there was the collaboration with Berklee and this is where the library originated (unless I\'m mistaken.) Anyway, it\'s good to see you over this way King. Did you ever receive your copy of GPO?

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    Re: Idea for GPO

    Good idea King.

    We are working on something for Berklee and other educational institutions. I\'ve also been in discussion with Peter Alexander of Alexander University for study books. And then Francesco is also working on something.

    We do need the KingIdiot heavy metal, grunge and American Idol study editions. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Idea for GPO


    I was under the impression that the berklee stuf was for MIDI study, and not orcehstration study, but I could be wrong (it\'d be the first time I was of course :P ), and nope not eyt. Soon I\'m guessing.

    Gary, COOL!

    I can do it all but the American Idol thing. Gag. I dont thnk I drink enough to enjoy taht show anymore.

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