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Topic: Programming Required?

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    Programming Required?


    I just got done converting most of my SISS (Giga) to Kontakt. What I noticed is that I am constantly having to adjust the samples (ie. attack, release...etc.) to fit a particular musical situation.

    I must say that I really love the sound of SISS, and I realise that adjustments have to be made to produce varying styles...etc, but I am wondering if there is a way I can save these changes without altering the original .nki\'s.

    Also, I posted this following question os the SI forum...maybe some people here can help....Does anyone have tips for getting realistic sounding fast scales/runs using SISS I\'m going more for the legato effect rather than the rapid alternating bows.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

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    Re: Programming Required?

    You can just make a bunch of different variations on the original .nki and save them all in a separate folder full of your custom instruments. You don\'t have to save the samples with each one, just save the program and tell it to remember the samples path... so they\'ll hardly take any space.

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    Re: Programming Required?

    Thanks Hawkes...that\'s a great idea, then I can have those sounds available for use instaed of having to \'re-program\' from scatch every time.

    I\'ll give it a try...my biggest concern was that I didn\'t want to save anything and have it overwrite the original.

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    Re: Programming Required?

    I\'d assign standarADSR controls to different MIDI CCfor instance, assign attack

    control to MIDI CC73 and Release control to MIDI CC72

    this way you can adjust on the fly.

    I\'ve got some Kontakt ideas for SISS that might make string runs more realistic. We\'ll see what happens,

    but you can always try making the release of the samples a bit faster, and making the samples start slightly \"in\" the note, with a fairly fast attack. Adding some slight pitch bend up/odown to the note will help as well (with glide, or lfo, or ADSR assigned to the tuen knob in kontakt.

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    Re: Programming Required?

    Thanks, King!

    Would utilizing the \"glide\" in kontakt imitate the way the slides toolbox in GOS? Also, how would I assing that to the tune knob?

    I guess my main goal is to do scales all under one bow.

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    Re: Programming Required?

    to be honest, I dont think there is a real way to get scales under one bow without a sample of the run already, or a technique like VSL\'s grace note legato.

    there\'s some ideas you can try with actually building the runs with multiple Xfades of samples, but it requies makign them in a multitrack environment, and not MIDI triggering.

    Still I think it might be possible to get closer to what you\'re looking for with a slight sample start offset (to get rid of some of the initial bite of the attack), and yah...maybe glide

    you jsut right click on the tune knob, and go to \"others\" I believe in the drop down menu. You\'re then ablet o assign \"Glide\" to it. The glidde module will appear at the bottom of the instrument rack for taht particular instrument.

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    Question Re: Programming Required?

    dear King:

    your ideas for Kontakt/SISS seem very interesting - are they something you would be willing/able to share with us at some point, please?

    Thanks :>)


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