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Topic: New to GPO and a question

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    New to GPO and a question

    Hi all,
    Just picked up GPO and so far am really loving it. Great work Gary!
    Quick question, when I pick a solo violin and sustain a note, it sounds like the sample loops. I have tried in both GPO player and Kontakt 1.5.2, same result .Is it a loop or is that the bow strokes? If it is not the bow stokes, how does one control the up/down samples


    C Hudson

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    Re: New to GPO and a question

    They are the bow strokes...

    You can control up/down bowing using the sustain pedal, sustain pedal up is down bowing and sustain pedal down is up bowing. Also, if you hold the sustain pedal down while playing a line of different sustained notes attached to one another, you will get the legato sound that is very desirable in solo strings.

    This will work for all solo and ensemble strings, not just the violin.

    This is also the way you control legato on the woodwinds and touged/slurred notes with the brass.

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    Re: New to GPO and a question

    Excellent, Thanks Alan,

    I haven\'t had this much fun with a product for years.
    Simply amazing, great value at 3 times the price.

    Look forward to visiting here more often. Seems like a great community of Garritan product users.

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    Re: New to GPO and a question

    It really is a great community, I look forward to hearing what you can do with GPO!

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    More questions

    Well, I am hearing something strange.
    On the Stradivarius and the Guarneri solo patchs when you press ond hold down a middle C, I can certainly hear what sounds like looping. Sometimes the attack is back to back within a second so that kind of rules out bow strokes on a legato passage right? BTW, pushing the sustain pedal seems to make next to no difference on the solo patches.
    The Gagliano solo patch seems to be able to hold and sustain a note without these artifacts.
    Any thoughts?

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    Re: More questions

    Eventually the patch will have to loop, as no player can play endlessly, I\'m curious to know how long you wish to sustain a note before you\'re hearing this?

    The pedal only works when you send a new note-on signal, not in the middle of the patch, in the middle you are hearing the naturally recorded bow strokes during the recording session... when you let your fingure up and then back down you are hearing the \"faked\" bowing...

    If you wish for long sustains, I suggest you occassionally send new note-on data as this will be more realistic than the looping that must take place. I find on measure beginnings is a good time to send a new note-on, this is the way professional violinists play, if the note is too long to do in one bow stroke they must attack it again, softly on a part that they hope no one will hear (like when other instruments are attacking their notes, such as a new measure beginnning).

    Give that a try, hope it helps.

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    Re: More questions

    C. Hudson,

    The Gagliano violin is looped within the first bow stroke. This is unrealistic but gives the user a choice that can be sustained indefinitely without significant discontinuities, if needed. The Strad, on the other hand, is generally looped after the completion of 3 bowstrokes and the Guarnari is looped after the completion of two bowstrokes. So, the changes of direction are as they sounded at the original recording sessions for these two solo instruments. If you are writing idiomatic parts for violin you will rarely have difficulty with the direction changes of these instruments. If you do write a part that needs to be unrealistically sustained then choose the Gagliano for the job.

    On the subject of alternating bow strokes in the solo strings I posted this a couple of days ago:

    http://www.northernsounds.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=UBB18&Number=15428 7&Forum=f18&Words=\"Up%20bow\"&Searchp age=0&Limit=25&Main=153620&Search=true &where=bodysub&Name=&daterange=1&n ewerval=1&newertype=w&olderval=&oldert ype=&bodyprev=#Post154287


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    Re: More questions

    Hey Alan , Thanks so much for taking the time firstly.
    I understand that every sample has to loop eventually [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
    I guess it just so happened that the piece I was using the solo violin on needed about half more a second of sustain, but then it hits the loop. I will try to see If I can retrigger it as suggested
    \"The pedal only works when you send a new note-on signal\"
    I assume by this you mean selecting bow strokes yes? Does not \"LEgato\" mode switch after note is on? ie: three note run..first note on -pedal down-second note on-third note on- pedal off. Correct?
    fo Bow strokes it is pedal up -note on-off- pedal down note on-off pedal up- note on-off etc.

    Thanks so much for helping.

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    Re: More questions

    Sorry, your last three lines there have my head spinning...

    If you sustain a note and hit the pedal while sustaining, but no new notes come after that, you will not hear it do anythig except loop the note you\'re holding...

    However, if you hold the pedal down and play a bunch of notes they were connect together in their legato mode.

    If you want alternate bowing, you will have to alternate whether or not the pedal is down when you play the initial attack of each note.

    So if you have a line you want alternate bowing on, and the attacks come one right after another, then the pedal data should be on-off-on-off-on-off at the initial attack point of each note, to alter the bowing directions...

    If you need further assisstance, perhaps telephone would work better... Gary is out of town so his phone support is unavailable, but feel free to give me a ring...

    Just e-mail me for my number: alan@alanjoseph.com - and I\'ll walk you through it...

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    Re: More questions

    Hi Tom,
    Yeah, I guess my issue is the looping. After the 2nd/3rd bow stroke and it loops back, the initial stroke sounds pretty artificial. It would be nice if the bow came in with the same delay and lapse of sound as stroke 2 and 3 did. As it is, It sounds like the player totally stops and then starts again, not just changing direction. No big deal really, just have to work within the limits of the samples.Such is the case when dealing with samples though I guess.

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