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Topic: Morphology anyone?

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    Morphology anyone?


    Anyone that owns Morphology like to give me a quick rundown of this Virtual Instrument? How it sounds etc.

    I cannot decide between Atmosphere or Morphology. I like arpeggiation, yet most of what I am looking for is pads etc, for background texture.


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    Re: Morphology anyone?

    I\'ve had the opportunity to play with both and I liked Atmosphere more. It has more sounds and the sounds are richer and cover a wider texture spectrum. I don\'t recall hearing much arpeggiated sounds in either of them.

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    Re: Morphology anyone?

    I have them both. Of the two, I prefer Atmosphere. The pads are very musical and sound quite spectacular. Morphology has moments and the interface permits more editing of the sound than Atmosphere.

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