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Topic: Beethoven's 5th Midi-File/Cubase File

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    Beethoven\'s 5th Midi-File/Cubase File

    SORRY - I linked both the links to the Cubase file - now corrected - maybe you will have better luck with the MIDI file now Sam?

    I was hoping someone would post the midi file of the GPO demo of Beethoven\'s 5th. This version is not as good, but should keep us going for now.

    Here is a Cubase File (you will have to set up your own Ambience/Reverb as I use outboard gear): Cubase file

    Here is the midi file: midi file

    Here is the GPO set up I used based on two instances of GPO - I\'d welcome suggestions for improvements, as I am struggling to know which \'variation\' of an instrument to use when.

    GPO 2
    1 Flute Ens 2
    2 Oboe Modern Ens
    3 Bb Clarinet Ens 1
    4 Bassoon Ens 1
    5 French Horns [3 slots filled set to midi ch 5]
    ----FRENCH HORN 1 ENS 1
    ----FRENCH HORN 1 ENS 2
    6 Trumpet 2 Ens 3

    GPO 1
    1 Violins 1 Lush
    2 Violins 2 Lush
    3 Violas Lush
    4 Cellos Lush
    5 Basses Lush
    6 Timpani

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    Re: Beethoven\'s 5th Midi-File/Cubase File


    Maybe I can bug Gary to post this although I did the demo in Sonar. He does have an Overture version which he converted.

    I used at least 4 instances for this piece with the following instruments:

    Basses Sustain + Short
    Basses Short Bows
    Basses Pizzicato
    Cellos Sustain +Short
    Cellos Short Bows
    Cellos Pizzicato
    Violas Sustain +Short
    Violas Short Bows
    Violas Pizzicato
    2nd Violins Sustain+Short
    2nd Violins Short Bows
    1st Violins Sustain+Short
    1st Violins Short Bows


    French Horn 1 Solo
    French Horn 2 Solo
    French Horn Overlay FF
    Trumpet 1 Ens 1
    Trumpet 1 Ens 2

    Bassoon 2 Solo
    Bassoon 1 Solo
    Clarinet 1 Ens 1
    Clarinet 1 Ens 2
    Clarinet 1 Solo
    Oboe 2 Solo
    Oboe 3 Solo
    Flute NV Solo
    Flute V Solo

    Use the short bows for alternating 8th notes. Use the sustain+short for legato notes.

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    Re: Beethoven\'s 5th Midi-File/Cubase File

    Hey! I didn\'t know Beethoven had midi back then! How many files did he produce? [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
    Again, just joking! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
    On a more serious note - Anyone ever attempt a Bach Chorale?

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    Re: Beethoven\'s 5th Midi-File/Cubase File

    What player do I need to hear this? Doesn\'t play with a mac and Quicktime. Thanks.

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    Re: Beethoven\'s 5th Midi-File/Cubase File

    Hi Sam - not sure you should try this with Quicktime - the MIDI file has GPO mod wheel controllers all over the place which will make any MIDI file player sound very odd (full of vibrato/tremolo). Also both links were pointing to the Cubase file - sorry, now fixed.

    Haydn - I have to say your Beethoven\'s 5th was what sold me GPO [hope you are on commission!]. I A/B\'ed it with an LSO recording I had to see if I wasn\'t somehow being conned - I couln\'t believe I was listening to a sample library let alone one costing £150. I think the only clue in the A/B test was your very subtle use of brass - the LSO did not have to use restraint in the same way that most sample library users generally have to to retain credibility. First class job all round and I\'d love to hear about the whole process you went through to put it together. Thanks a lot also for your GPO set ups. Can you \'export\' midi files from Sonar? If so I\'d love to see your midi file.

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    Re: Beethoven\'s 5th Midi-File/Cubase File

    Beethoven\'s 5th was the 1st recording ever using GPO!! It was a beta test to see how the library worked together as an orchestra.

    The results of this test proved to me that the library worked beyond my expectations. I new Gary had a winner after doing this piece! Very little tweaking was done except for brass attacks as the flex envelopes weren\'t completed when I recorded it. The library was still in alpha at this time, not even beta.

    This piece caused me to recommend to Gary that we needed separate 2nd Violins which weren\'t in the original library.

    Don\'t know how well a MIDI file would work. It\'s best to have a Sonar file so it loads in my instrument settings as I probably did a bunch of tweaking on levels and panning.

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    Re: Beethoven\'s 5th Midi-File/Cubase File

    I agree with LOW. Your 5th was one of the major things that sold me on GPO. Of course I\'ve heard that piece so many times by so many different orchestras, and this sounded like just another orchestra\'s recording (meaning that in a good way, as in very realistic). And as I mentioned in another thread, the difference between this demo and the 5th demo done with Silver was another major selling point of GPO for me. I realize that the programming may have had a lot to do with the difference, but regardless, the GPO demo just sounded a lot better. Great job!

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