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Topic: GPO "pop" song - strings redone....

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    GPO \"pop\" song - strings redone....

    Thanks to some good suggestions I\'ve redone the strings in \"Living on a disk\". It\'s right here - at the top of the list http://www.soundclick.com/johnbranermusic.htm
    if anyone would care to listen (and give more suggestions).

    I seem to have had a problem where the controller information was lost when I rendered the files in SONAR. I\'ve fixed that, and I also added some \"breathing\" (or bowing) space, and a little more room reverb to the string quartet.

    It\'s made quite a difference!

    Any more suggestions greatly appreciated.

    PS - Jamie, I\'m (finally) listening to your stuff right now. It\'s great!

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    Re: GPO \"pop\" song - strings redone....

    Well. What shall I say: I recently have received GPO (not yet installed, still smiling at the beautiful package...) mainly for the strings & I\'ve got to say: from alll the demos I have heard so far yours comes most close to the string sound I am looking for (if you could give me advise how you achieved \"them\" please let me know if you don\'t mind). I like the song and what you did with Lola at points is convincing of a real singer... have you heard of cantor??? You might wish to get this next as your virtual singer as it seems to be much much easier to use... http://www.virsyn.de/en/E_Home/e_home.html

    nice work


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    Re: GPO \"pop\" song - strings redone....

    Thank you very much Harry. I don\'t know what to tell you, except that I recorded each part seperately on a seperate track. I added the controller info (mod wheel cc#1 and sustain pedal for legato notes) for each track - and I was advised that this was too high the first time. So I changed all the mod wheel data to around half their original values, but still used seperate curves up and down a little for each track, to make it crescendo and decrescendo a little. I was also advised to put some small gaps between the notes every few measures - to allow for the real bow to start a new attack.

    I\'m a guitar player, so I know nothing about real violins & cellos etc ;-)

    Good luck, and post more specific questions here (or email me) - there\'s loads of people with good advice here (probably better than mine) [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO \"pop\" song - strings redone....

    This is damn cool! Brilliant sound on my headphones here.

    Very good man!

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    Re: GPO \"pop\" song - strings redone....

    Thanks a lot Giga [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: GPO \"pop\" song - strings redone....

    Hey John. I\'m a guitar player too but have recently ordered a Nyle Steiner Midi Evi... so the strings you recorded are their \"original\" sound without any eq-ing or similar? Coooooool... had I started with GPO myself I would know but I still just look at the beautiful package...

    hope to one day post a song with GPO included. Have not recorded any yet...

    see ya


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    Re: GPO \"pop\" song - strings redone....


    [ QUOTE ]
    but I still just look at the beautiful package

    [/ QUOTE ] Get those babies unpacked and installed [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

    Yeah, I didn\'t use any eq or compression - just a little reverb.
    I -did- run them through a flanger though when the guitar solo is playing. Then they go back to \"normal\"....

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