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Topic: I uninstalled GPO

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    I uninstalled GPO

    For some reason everything was OK and then no sound...at all...in Overture, Sibelius, Kontakt Player, Sonar...

    I wish I could pinpoint a reason why. I did download some plugins for Sibelius (the cresc./dim. & legato ones) but that didn\'t seem to affect anything...I also downloaded the Overture \"upgrade\", too. I think GPO is a terrifically fun program, so no blame here, just a little confused...

    IN any case, a larger reason to uninstall is the fact that even though I can run GPO on my P4 1.4 with 512MB or Ram...I really want it to RUN...so I am going to install on my next computer which I intend to have copius (2GB of ram) and a faster processor.

    In the meantime I made an mp3 from GPO & I\'d like to post it...any advice on host sites? its under 1MB actually, I did that on purpose to see how \"low\" you can \"go\"


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    Re: I uninstalled GPO

    I can host it if you\'d like, email it to me at alan@alanjoseph.com

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