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Topic: Piece done on GPO

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    Piece done on GPO

    A big thanks to Alan for hosting this, its much appreciated.

    Its under 1MB, and its a piece by Mr. Copland, which he wrote for the score to Our Town...for those familiar with the suite, this is not in it. So listen to what you have been missing..so to speak [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]


    Once again, thanks Alan L.!


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    Re: Piece done on GPO

    No prob...

    Nice job on the mock-up, do you know why it was left out by the composer?

    Where did you find it if it was left out?

    As far as I can tell thru headphones at work everything sounds fine... maybe a little low in volume overall, but everything was mixed nice.

    Good track, thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Piece done on GPO

    I dont know why he left it out. I suspect it was too \"romantic\" a piece, for the rest of the suite...but I guess its Copland\'s perogative. And when you are Copland, you do what you want!

    I got a copy of the original score through an agreement with the fund that administers his estate. I hpoe to one day release recordings of Our Town adn Of Mice and Men in its original orchestration. I think GPO can be a real help in realizing advanced mock-ups of the pieces--just need a newer computer to do it justice.

    I got out OST of Something Wild, his last score. (initiated the process and did liner notes)


    there is a lot of nice music that would be great for a CD. I think its a no-brainer but the industry...is harder to convince.


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