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Topic: Serious Problems with Yellow Tools Culture

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    Serious Problems with Yellow Tools Culture

    Has anyone experienced any problems with Culture ?

    Having just purchased on Thursday, I have yet to get it running without problems.

    1) As a VSTi (in Cubase SX2) keying a sound causes Culture to produce horrible tones, or repeated beats that go on forever. The only way to stop both the noise and the repeated beats is to unload the VSTi.

    2) In stand-alone mode, Culture causes my computer to become very, very unstable. If Culture is open, and I attempt to open another window, or dial-up the internet ... Culture basically stops responding, and becomes impossible to close down (even from Task Manager) and hence even stops me from closing or restarting windows.

    3) With the latest crashes, it has caused my PC to become extremely unstable, crashing virtually every five minutes. Since it doesn\'t appear to come with an Un-install routine I am not sure about how to remove it from my PC in a safe way either. Using system restore doesn\'t remove it from my computer ... I suspect because it doesn;t have proper registry entries.

    Upto installing Culture and/or the Java environment my PC was fine, running Cubase, GigaStudio and various Kompakt instruments.

    And to cap it all their support doesn\'t seem to extend to weekend hours. (Have requested support directly, obviously.)

    Is it Culture ? Is it the Culture engine ? Is the Java environment I had to install to get the security dongle to work ? Is it the dongle itself ?

    I extremely concerned about these problems ... any one had a similar experience ? Anyone able to offer any advice.

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    Re: Serious Problems with Yellow Tools Culture

    You have to tell Cubase that it should use this instrument with the option \"old host behaviour\" in the VST-Instumements info table.

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    Re: Serious Problems with Yellow Tools Culture

    Audiophile is right about the \'old host behaviour\' in SX2. Should solve your problem 1) anyway. As to 2) and 3), I haven\'t experienced this kind of problem.

    I will say that the new authorisation dongle protection is a real pain in the butt. From memory, you have to download some Java software and some \'access files\', and that\'s to just get you to the stage when you can get your dongle authorised online (a large download for those of us on old modems....12.6MB and 4.6MB respectively.......they couldn\'t be included on the installation disks? That\'s a 17.2MB download just to get to the stage when you can try and authorise your dongle for the product you legitemately hold a licence for), or e-mail them direct.

    The old challenge response system was much more straightforward.

    Culture really is a great piece of work, and I\'ve had it since it came out. The free upgrade to version 1.5 is appreciated, the free midi files are appreciated. I\'ve invested money and time learning to use Culture, and will continue to do so. However, I personally can\'t see that this is a copy protection system I\'m going to live with on any new Yellow Tools products.

    If they ever come up with a more elegant solution, I\'d be happy to reconsider.


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    Re: Serious Problems with Yellow Tools Culture

    it isn\'t a Culture problem as far as I can tell.
    I have used culture on 2 different computers, both Windows 2000 and XP. Before the dongle and with it. No probs at all.
    Maybe the java thing is playing a trick with your system, or the old plugin behavior not being checked is the reason for your headache...?

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    Re: Serious Problems with Yellow Tools Culture

    Hi Audiophile, Steve and Patrick (!! correct this time)

    Thanks for the advice. It works a treat now as a VSTi.
    I\'m now able to start exploring the Groove Pack ... just tried a couple and they are fantastic. I am warming to this library now that the technical issues seem to be resolving themselves....

    ... though the experience has made me extremely sensitive regarding the dongle issues. I hesitated for about 2 months before buying this, specifically because of the CP. YellowTools slow response to my problems has made me again all too aware of the reliance we have of these guys staying in business. The experiences of the past few days have renewed my (lapsed) resolve to avoid CP\'d products in future.

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    Unhappy Serious Problems with Yellow Tools Culture

    hi i am also facing the same problem giving me the tha same horrible sound

    i use nuendo and can any one help out to show me how to activate tha old host i tried but i cant it shows r in that coloum

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    Re: Serious Problems with Yellow Tools Culture

    I swore I would never get Yellow Tools products because of the dongle, but I have been doing a lot of afro/latin stuff and the product was just too good at this to pass up. I have to say it has worked out great and the free midi grrove pack is just great. They are going to be coming out with more and I can't wait. I've got a lot of percussion samples, but these are the best IMHO. My only complaint is that I am waiting for the 1.5 update and I can only use the product for five days without the update and, since I purchased in on Friday before the long weekend, I doubt very much the update will get here today, so I won't be able to use it until the update arrives. Oh well, I'll survive.

    Sorry I can't help woth Nuendo, but check out the yellow tools user forum at their website, I'm sure it's been discussed there.

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