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Topic: the future? Intakt instruments & Logic

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    the future? Intakt instruments & Logic

    I have been using three of ZERO-G\'s INTAKT INSTRUMENTS for a week .

    Conclusion: The Intakt engine is not yet fully designed to operate smoothly in Logic 6 on osX.

    (Keep in mind that I have had to work around a beta-ish Kompakt instrument, so I\'m pretty sure on this).

    Most importantly -

    Intakt crashes whole system and WON\'T LET ME OPEN THE LOGIC SOFTWARE AGAIN on any song in my portfolio (ie, denies me access to my work). Had to reopen via ANOTHER EDITION/version of logic and remove intakt instances.


    This sampleware appears to have been sold with SAMPLE RATE 41572 samples in there!

    Other problems (from my problem log):

    Hangs system on opening. I have to click around the screen and re-click logic to get the opening file to open. (Much worse than kompakt hanging in Silver)

    Won\'t open autoload file.

    Won\'t allow hide Logic.

    \"Error while trying to synchronize Audio and MIDI. Sample Rate 41572 recognized. Check conflict between Logic Gold and external device.\"

    Other - Error while trying to synchronize Audio & MIDI.

    Operating Table crashes whole Logic osX, requiring a shut down of whole computer and re-boot.

    Afrolatin Slam Lower quality of the recordings - recording noice (hiss, etc) in the samples.

    091 Adowa
    Hi pitched artifact - hums through the whole playing of a

    Rattling buzzing noise in the Balafon samples - every sample

    Another Kompakt vst, EW Silver, just cuts out during half way through play-back, when it is on another track in the arrange window, (Only happens when these Zero-G platinum samples are played with Silver, and despite Silver is frozen and half of the Silver track plays ok.)

    Freezes up after Logic has been \'hidden\' and then returned to the screen.

    Brings up it\'s 4-way cursor, rather than just an arrow cursor, at times. (this one may be my misreading)

    Koncept & Funktion - freezes up, so that you can\'t select a different instrument patch from its menu.

    Zero-G & NI do not appear to have tested these instruments in Logic 6 under real working conditions.

    And I noticed over in the NI forum that another user\'s query has had 700 views and no reply from NI in 6 months.


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    Re: the future? Intakt leaves Logic in tatters

    Hi Sharmy,
    I really appreciate that you have replied here. I\'ll try out your suggestions.
    The thing is, *IF* I had been able to license these sounds as simple patches imported into exs24, then I wouldn\'t have these interferences with my sequencer.
    I did buy them, though, for the advantage of rhythm tracks I could lay down quickly. And I have a learning curve ahead to learn to use the instruments for their strengths.
    But I am sick of buying products from NI that have the AU logo on them, and they behave like betas on a mac.
    Re your points (thank you):
    3. My software version is the one recommended by NI.
    2. It is only NI \'au\'s that have this problem on my Logic setup. Why should I be testing NI au\'s. Why hasn\'t NI tested this setup before they sell it?
    3. I didn\'t think I was on DFD with the intakt, but I will check.
    Again, thank you for your thoughts, Sharmy. Is anyone else experiencing probs (or successes in Logic 6) with the new Intakt Instruments?
    As to that NI thread (re exporting midi from Intakt) the users have been posting concerns for 6 months up until April this week, plus 700 views, and no reply from NI.
    I\'m not only pointing the finger at NI, by the way. Apple is notorious for not interfacing with its users.
    Like you, I\'d prefer that everything worked smoothly and that I could just praise the developers & musicians for their work. And I do do that, when it is justified.
    It\'s not a joke when you can\'t reopen Logic because NI instruments are \'hanging\' in the autoload and crashing the basic application boot up with their registration messages - even when I am trying to reload a song from months back that has nothing to do with my recent purchase. Why should NI design software that takes hold of my song repetoire from before I purchased their product?
    Damn, it\'s (almost) driving me towards a live recording session. Heh heh.
    Again - I appreciate you taking the trouble to suggest ways forward.

    Intakt Instruments:
    Afrolatin Slam
    Operating Table
    Koncept & Funktion

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    Re: the future? Intakt leaves Logic in tatters

    i\'ve got a similar setup to sharmy - OSX.3.3 - Logic Pro (logic 6.4) G5 dual 2 ghz etc.

    My experience has been a bit hit and miss. NI\'s products have been very slow to get AU functioning properly. I know there\'s an update for my Battery OSX plugin but when I try to install it the installer itself crashes. Go figure. I\'ve gone this long without battery that I haven\'t wanted to track down the problem.

    my other NI synths have worked fairly well, with occasional crashes, and each update seems to make things better. Storm Drum is currently my most unstable, but it\'s hanging in pretty well. it\'s much better when DFD is OFF - not ON. DFD has caused many hardships with the NI virtual instruments. However, if I\'ve got a sound that\'s offending, i just load it into Full Blown kontakt and it seems to work fairly well. Most of the kontakt bugs are gone, or are going quickly. It will likely take another 6 months to get all the virtual libraries from Zero-G, EW, etc. all lined out to work well. But when it happens it will be pretty good I think.

    The problem is that NI did release the stuff a bit prematurely. But the reason is people were crying because the stuff wasn\'t out. Apple forced everyone to jump into 2 new technologies literally over night when they started shipping OSX ONLY machines. So everyone had to learn OSX programming, then this new plugin format called Audio Units. It was very unfair to development companies as well as users.

    The other problem is people - so many ticked off users are crying about it that if the noise doesn\'t die down soon, great companies like NI may decide it\'s not worth the headaches. we have to give them time. Sure I\'d be really happy if I could buy everything for EXS and it would work, but reality is the Kontakt sample engine does somethings that no other engine does, and many great products, like GPO, StormDrum, etc could never exist with their flexibility and what not if they were developed based on an old file structure (like EXS). While EXS is great, it mostly is useful for older libs like Akai libs etc. And while it does allow keyswitching and DFD, it doesn\'t have nearly the advantages as Kontakt.

    So until we get all these softwares to season a little better, we\'ve all got to be supportive of the developers until they can get caught up. And try to help each other find the solutions/work arounds in the mean time. Granted, no response from a developer IS frustrating, the frustration of users back to the developers can often be so nerve racking for the developer, that they put out bad products. Which we don\'t want to happen.

    Jusdt my 2¢


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    Re: the future? Intakt & Logic

    Martin from NI has replied to my post over at NI. Thank you Martin.

    He says that an update to the instruments will be released in a few weeks.


    I think a quick reply from NI is a sign that they are working hard on solutions to mac AU, and it\'s good to see.

    J Whaley - thank you for your reply here.

    I think it is very brave of the developers to support forums like this, and that\'s probably one of the attractions for us mere users.

    With the programming problems diminishing/out of the way, my next problem will be mine - learning to using beat machines as expressive instruments, it\'s certainly different from playing notes & chords from the keyboard.


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