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Topic: Aliasing/Crackling in Sonar 3.1 and GPO, suggest?

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    Aliasing/Crackling in Sonar 3.1 and GPO, suggest?

    Good afternoon, to all!

    I just purchased GPO from Gary, and I have nothing but thanks to give to you and your product. It\'s great, it\'s intuitive, and it has accelerated my compositional process 10-fold. Gracias!

    I wanted to fire out an issue I\'m having. I\'m running Sonar Producer, 3.1.1, and GPO. When I play back the orchestral samples, if I have multiple samples playing, I begin to get crackling and static. It\'s not an analog \"Red-line\" crackling, it almost sounds like I\'m aliasing. Hardware: I\'m running a P4 Dell (512 MB Ram), and I have two sound cards; a Sound Blaster, and A MIA Midi from Echo Audio. I have the Kompakt Instances and Sonar running out through my Sound Blaster, and into my altec Lansing computer speakers (I know, I have to upgrade, big time, it\'s on my to-do list!).

    Has anyone experienced this in the past, and does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? I\'ve already gone into Sonar, set the drivers to default, the sample rate to 44.1/16 bit, and enabled dithering. At this point, I have a very small orchestra loaded: 2 instances of Kompakt, one of which has short bow strings, the other has bassoon, clarinet, and oboe. I\'m using the ensemble versions of all the woodwinds. Where I\'m aliasing, I only have violins 1, 2, Viola, and cello playing, and a solo clarinet over it (so I\'m pretty sure I\'m not maxing out voices). Any ideas?



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    Re: Aliasing/Crackling in Sonar 3.1 and GPO, sugge

    This is usually a latency issue. You can adjust your latency upward (but you won\'t be able to play the keyboard very well) or you can live with it (it won\'t affect things when you mix down to audio).

    Or you can get a better audio card (you have some real poor ones there -- a pro audio card will much improve your latency as well as other sound issues). This would be what I recommend. For a few hundred dollars you can actually get something decent (anything by M-audio is good).

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    Re: Aliasing/Crackling in Sonar 3.1 and GPO, sugge

    Oh, I should also mention that folks have found Sonar 3.1 has more issues in this regard on certain systems than 3.0, so you might want to step back a release and see if it helps.

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    Re: Aliasing/Crackling in Sonar 3.1 and GPO, sugge

    Hi, Mike!

    Great, thanks for the advice. Your advice on the latency was spot on ... increased the latency from 13 ms to about 70 and it sounds perfect. In a couple of weeks, I\'m upgrading to 1.5 gigs of ram, and hopefully that will help a bit.

    With regards to the sound card, you are absolutely right... I\'m sick and tired of the Soundblaster\'s slow response time and entry-level settings. I originally got the MIA midi card for its 1/4\" inputs and outputs, and its built in MIDI port. However, I just got the M-Audio MIDIMAN 4x4 USB midi connector, and it absolutely works like a charm. So, basically, I haven\'t really seen how MIA works as my primary sound card. I\'ve heard very good things about both M-Audio, and the Aardvark systems, so they may be next on my list.

    Mike, thanks again for the quick advice. Off to score more orchestral sections!


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    Re: Aliasing/Crackling in Sonar 3.1 and GPO, sugge

    Hi Mike

    Don\'t forget to lower your latency if you plan on doing any midi recordings! I have an audigy2 as well (*sigh) and I try to keep it either 10 or 20ms when recording. For larger pieces with lots of instruments, it\'s a must that the latency be raised.

    - Junk

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    Re: Aliasing/Crackling in Sonar 3.1 and GPO, suggest?

    Another thing in Sonar 3.1.1 that will cause crackling is to have the hyper-threading option enabled. The Kontakt player is not hyper-threading and I found that it will actaully raise processor usage. Once I unchecked the hyper-threading option, the crackling disappeared.

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