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Topic: GPO loops....

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    GPO loops....

    I\'ve been noticing a problem in GPO with the loops of sustaining instruments, particularly the strings. They seem to pop at the loop point (digital pop). I\'m wondering if there\'s any way to cross fade the loop point to get rid of this pop. It\'s not huge deal with one or two instruments lost in a mix, but sometimes all my strings will be looping around the same time. With 5 parts, and 4 stacks for each part (that\'s the base group plus 3 solo passes) the 20 tracks of Strings can create quite the series of pops. Anybody else having this problem and know how to edit it out? Thanks


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    Re: GPO loops....

    J –

    Please report any loop problems directly to Gary. Give specific information (instrument, note name, point in the sample, etc.) We will check to see if a problem in a sample actually exists or if you are experiencing some kind of system issue. Almost all of the strings already contain crossfades so the pops you are experiencing may be a symptom of something else. I’ve noticed no pops on my system but specifics could help narrow this down. Email Gary at gary@harps.com


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    Re: GPO loops....

    cool, thanks Tom. I thought it was a kontakt problem because I\'ve had a hard time with all loops in Kontakt. in fact, it may be a kontakt problem. I\'ll find some specifics.


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    Re: GPO loops....

    Is it jsut GPO, r all samples with loops. If its just GPO, it might be worth trying to re install, it may just be the install wasnt\' \"perfect\"

    You get this issue with monolithic files, I\'ve noticed (happened in giga alot of the time, if the copying from DVD wasn\'t perfect), as well some people ahve been having probs with bad installs of thigns like StormDrums, but reinstalling fixes it.

    It could also be a Hard Drive issue.

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    Re: GPO loops....

    Tom, I sent a list of \"rough loop\" notes to Gary a while back, but I think he was on a trip at the time so I\'m unsure if they got \'processed\' (no return receipt here, but I was changing hosts at the time). If you have a way to track reports, tell me if you don\'t have a copy and I\'ll send another.

    - m

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    Re: GPO loops....


    Send another copy to be safe. I\'ll recognize it if I\'ve already checked them.


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    Re: GPO loops....

    I suppose I can just paste them here: the list is short enough! (I mainly got picky about the brass)

    - m

    All note names based upon a base octave of -2 (i.e. MIDI note #0 is C-2)

    French Horn Mute Ens1: Bad loop region around MIDI note 48 (C2)
    French Horn Solo Mute: Bad loop region around MIDI note 50 (D2)
    Bass Trombone 1 Solo: Bad loop region around MIDI note 45 (A1)
    Tenor TBone Ens2: Distorted attack around note 52 (E2)
    Tenor TBone Ens3: Distorted attack around note 57 (A2)
    Tenor TBone Solo: Distorted attack around note 52 (E2)
    TBone Overlay: Click on higher-velocity attack around note 62 (D3)
    Tpt Straight Mute Ens2: Bad loop region around MIDI note 74 (D4)


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    Re: GPO loops....

    Well I\'ve had a problem with lots of Kontakt samples. I\'ve just figured there was a small edit I could make that I haven\'t figure out yet. I\'ve been in the middle of building a new studio and a lot of things have not managed to get done yet - like learn Kontakt better. I\'ll post more when I can figure out more!! Soon [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]


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    Unhappy Re: GPO loops....

    Loops in "Violin 3 Guarn Ens 3" sounds also very bad in my GPO. Try the middle C (midi note 60) and the D (midi note 62)!

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