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Topic: Voices Of The Apocalypse (words)

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    Voices Of The Apocalypse (words)

    Hello folks, I am an amateur making music for films and have the vota library and the vota tool 2.
    I need help to make the choir sing properly (realistic) and if anyone got any suggestions on words they can sing that would be grately appreciated.

    <font color=\"#2A53BB\">Kind Regards
    Audun Jemtland </font>

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    Re: Voices Of The Apocalypse (words)

    what words are you having problems with?

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    Re: Voices Of The Apocalypse (words)

    They sing the words fast and not slow......if they sing: america....they say it america and not aaaameeeeeriiica... I can write aaa meeee riiii ca maybe but it gets false....how do I make them sing words slower?

    it\'s the passages that gets unnatural...between each note.

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    Re: Voices Of The Apocalypse (words)

    aha, you definitely need to seperate the phonetics. But for more realism, you may want to make some of the consonants repeate immediately one after the other (rrrrihhh kkaaaahhh)

    as well maybe adding some slight crossfades between the different vowels might help

    \"rrreeeiiiihh\" instead of \"riiiihhh\"

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    Re: Voices Of The Apocalypse (words)

    ok, thanks...are there any tutorials on this on the web?

    I get the picture though. Can the choir sing in legato?

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    Re: Voices Of The Apocalypse (words)

    You need to separate words by syllables, just like in a choir sheet music - one note, one syllable. For instance, in \"america\", the best way is to use \"a-me-ri-ca\", and then play 4 notes, one for each letter.


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    Re: Voices Of The Apocalypse (words)

    Yes! that helped thank you...King idiot, to duplicate the letters wasn\'t a bad idea....it really works. Thanks guys

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