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Topic: Anyone in San Jose?

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    Anyone in San Jose?

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    Hey guys,
    I\'m just wondering if there\'s any composers here in San Jose, CA. I\'m kind of a loner and don\'t know anyone in \"real life\" who\'s a composer like me. It would be cool to check out someone else\'s setup, or just check out someone who\'s actually in the biz already, making some actual money (if there are any in San Jose). Anyway, if you\'re interested let me know.


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    Re: Anyone in San Jose?

    Doyle is in San Jose,

    I\'m in Daly City, so not too far out, if you want to see my rig, but you\'ll ahve to wait for me to clean up a bit. I\'ve somehow taken on the roll of ultra bachelor this year, and the pizza boxes and beer bottles really show that!

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