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Topic: Volume too low on GPO

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    Volume too low on GPO

    I am running GPO as a plug in in Digital Performer and the volume is so low that it is not useable. I already turned the Kontak player all the way up and GPO is just so much lower than Mach Five or the Audio track- any ideas?

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    Re: Volume too low on GPO

    Bump the mod-wheel. The mod-wheel controls volume/expression in GPO.

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    Re: Volume too low on GPO


    In the manual Gary tries very hard to impress upon everyone that the MOD WHEEL controls expression and must be advanced to bring up the volume of most wind and string instruments but new users sometimes (I assume in their excitement and impatience to use GPO!) start playing with the library without reading the manual. That may work for most libraries but not for GPO. GPO cannot be used successfully until the assignment of controllers is fully understood. Easy to remedy though: just read the manual. It should answer most questions. Answers to any additional questions may be found in the support section of www.garritan.com or by contacting Gary at gary@harps.com


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