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Topic: Ok Heres a question!

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    Ok Heres a question!

    Is it easier on the CPU when streaming audio samples Direct from disk from a 15000 rpm drive?. I have a 40 Gig system drive and a 120 8meg HD for my samples. I want to use my 120 Gig for my system drive and get a 120 Gig 15,000rpm HD for my samples. I have a P4 2.0Ghz with 1 Gig of ram, upgrading to 2 Gig of Ram. Any Idea\'s?

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    Re: Ok Heres a question!

    depends on the HArd drive and interface I would guess.

    Some hard drives hit the CPU more than others (even on the same interface), but I doubt it would be huge enough to make as much difference as a few more millisecs would do for voices.

    Hard to say really. You et more reliable performance and higher voice count with 10,000 RPM drives (in my experience), but I\'m not sure the added 1.5 millisecs from 10 to 15 would make a big enough difference.

    You can test it and let us know [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Ok Heres a question!

    Well, I\'ll most likely go with the WD raptor 10,000rpm. Too bad they only go up to 74 gig. I was thinking 120 at 15,000 lol. OOPs. King your right though That 1.5m most likely wont boast huge performance so I save a few bucks on that. Well tell me all what you think of this setup. 1) Amd 64 processer
    2) Asus K8V motherboard
    3) 74G Raptor (10,000rpm)
    4) 2 Gig of 2700 Ram

    I already have 1gig of pc2700, so I might as well just get 1 more. I\'ll use my 120g 8m HD for my system drive. I wonder how EWQLO Gold will do with that? I don\'t have it yet just thinking about it.

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