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Topic: New piece (Urban Orchestral)

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    New piece (Urban Orchestral)


    This is a piece I did for a mod project in about 2 days time. In the middle is the main theme from the other songs for the mod. This piece went some places I\'ve never been, and kept trying to figure out where to go with it. I really wanted a kickass lead guitar in the end, but I\'ll have to make do without. Anyways, comments welcome!


    Jared Hudson

    Samples used:

    EWQLSO Gold Edition
    SAM Horns
    SAM Trombones
    G-Town Percussion
    Various other VST\'s and Percussive kits

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    Re: New piece (Urban Orchestral)

    the link doesn\'t work unless you replace those \"%20\"s with spaces

    nice music

    to nitpick on the production side -- i think there\'s too much mids and too much \"hall\" sound or reverb or whatever. maybe it\'s just my personal taste. sometimes in the beginning, those violins also seem to drag the beat, when they should be pushing it forward. i don\'t know if it\'s cause of the reverb, or because they are playing late, or because the attacks are \"lazy.\" ??? drums sound good.

    i like this.

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    Re: New piece (Urban Orchestral)

    [ QUOTE ]
    the link doesn\'t work

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Yeah, I noticed it didn\'t work about 3 minutes ago. Should work now. Refresh your page. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

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    Re: New piece (Urban Orchestral)

    I like the rhythmic energy and overall mix & polish. I agree that the short bows could use some tightening up - to my ears they\'re looser than \"human\" and almost sound like mistakes once or twice.

    I pictured myself playing a Rainbow-6 kind of game over it! Nicely done.


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    Re: New piece (Urban Orchestral)

    Really enjoyed it!

    Nicely done


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    Re: New piece (Urban Orchestral)

    Thanks for the comments so far! For the suggestion on the strings, I pulled them back a little, and should be a little tighter. Tell me what you think. Use the same link.


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    Re: New piece (Urban Orchestral)

    Hi Jared,

    Nice work. I see what you mean about a guitar toward the end to tie and wrap things up better. Have you also considered experimenting with different percussion? The snare drum (main percussion downbeat) throughout first half and last half of peice, almost seems a bit convential for this particular work. It\'s so easy to change out different percussion, so I don\'t feel badly asking you to experiment a little more with that one drum!

    Thanks for posting,

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    Re: New piece (Urban Orchestral)

    [ QUOTE ]
    It\'s so easy to change out different percussion

    [/ QUOTE ]

    ...but not when you work with loops. This one sounds like a loop, right ?

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    Re: New piece (Urban Orchestral)

    [ QUOTE ]
    [ QUOTE ]
    It\'s so easy to change out different percussion

    [/ QUOTE ]

    ...but not when you work with loops. This one sounds like a loop, right ?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    It was a loop I created. I create all my own loops (kind of a dignity/pride thing). He\'s right though, I could easily switch out the snares and try something different. Although, I\'ve heard some pretty light snares in even Harry Gregson Williams pieces. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif[/img]

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    Re: New piece (Urban Orchestral)

    I agree about the percussion, but what energy!

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