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Topic: Upgrading from Another Comp:

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    Upgrading from Another Comp:

    I have Kontakt on my G5 which is not internet connected so I have to get the 1.5.2 file from my PC onto the MAC, BUT I cant get at the files on the NI site because it says I have to have Kontakt installed on the PC ?? I did this but then of course cant re-register it ?
    Any ideas how to do this ?



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    Re: Upgrading from Another Comp:

    Your dont have to have Kontakt registered on the machine that u DL the 1.5.2 zip with the .exe. you jsut have to have the right username and password login (you have to log in..), I think. Anyways,if thats the case (which i dont think it is..) you could always install Kontakt on your internet machine jsut to get the EXE and then uninstal it once yu have it for your mac..Rich

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