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Topic: tutorial DBX Quantum II

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    tutorial DBX Quantum II

    I just bought a DBX Quantum II mastering processor and I find it difficult to set it up since I\'m just a simple musician without great engineering skills. I can use the presets and the wizzard but I\'m wondering if this is enough to use it effectively. There is no tutorial in the manual so I\'m wondering if there is such a tutorial at all or if somebody has some tips to help me further.

    Regards, Ruud Jan Bos

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    Re: tutorial DBX Quantum II

    It may be a strange question, but what are your interests in mastering, not really being an audio engineer?

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    Re: tutorial DBX Quantum II

    I\'m using the quantum in my project studio which seems to grow all the time.
    Furthermore ═ seem always to be a step behind the new gear I\'ve purchased.
    To clarify: I\'m able to operate CubaseSX 2, a Sony DMX R100, Gigastudio, Lexicion reverbs, Akai S5000,etc, but the quantum II really seems to be yet more difficult in using for me. That\'s why I\'m looking for some guidance for this particular piece of gear.
    Anyone ?

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