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Topic: Upgrading to GS3

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    Upgrading to GS3

    I \'ve rececently purchased GS160 , I\'ve read that it is possible to upgrade it to GS3 with only 50 $ . How and when? I\'ve sent some e-mails to Tascam support by they come back, their address doesn\'t work .

    any useful answer will be appreciated ! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Upgrading to GS3

    I\'m also interested in this question... also.. will I be able to buy it at that price from any online vendor or must it be directly from Tascam?

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    Re: Upgrading to GS3

    this is also what I would like to know ! Tascam site doesn\'t give any infos , they only say that GS3 will be shipped from May 2004.

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    Re: Upgrading to GS3

    I talked to Tascam

    They said that on May 24 you will be able to upgrade online. You use your CD key and registration number which will be unique. They can tell when you bought Giga from the CD key.

    This is certainly better than any other method of upgrading (assuming it works)

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    Re: Upgrading to GS3

    wow yeah... thats wonderful.

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    Re: Upgrading to GS3

    that\'s a good answer!

    Do you also know if the manual will be available with the online upgrade?

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