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Topic: No mod wheel or pitch bend

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    No mod wheel or pitch bend

    Hi - I have read the mod wheel thread with interest. I have just got GPO (yet to install). Here\'s my setup:

    Cubase SL 1.06
    Clavinova CLP155

    Basically the problem I have is that my Clavinova has no mod wheel or pitch bend. As GPO uses this heavily, this is now a problem... I know someone posted how to make a mouse into a modwheel in Digital Performer. Is there a way to do this in Cubase? Alternatively, what are my other options?

    Thanks for any comments!

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    Re: No mod wheel or pitch bend

    I think even with the use of the mouse your going to miss the whole advantage of the mod wheel in GPO. I started out similar to you and after one night bought myself a better controller (used). GPO is so heavily dependent on the mod wheel. I would suggest a new controller. I don’t suppose anyone of us users would disagree.
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: No mod wheel or pitch bend

    Yes I think you have four choices:
    1) buy a new keyboard with a mod wheel/pitch bender on it (which you probably don\'t want to do if you are happy with your Clav)
    2) buy an additional dedicated MIDI controller (eg the ones Evolution/Edirol produce) (which is what I did) which have just knobs/and/or/sliders and you can map the knobs/sliders on the controller to all the GPO controls (including mod) and perch it on top of your Clav.
    3) manually enter some control codes into your sequencer and, making sure your sequencer is set so it does not \'reset controller #1\' in preferences, play GPO via that track - record your parts and then manually draw in the expression curves
    4) there was another thread on this forum about mapping mouse movements to controller functions - so your 4th choice is to research that and see if it works!

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    Re: No mod wheel or pitch bend

    I have a Technics weighted-action piano that I absolutely love. Unfortunately, it doesn\'t have a pitch or mod wheel either. Fortunately, I had a small, unused synth laying in a corner of the garage, so I hooked it up using an old midi splitter (also in the garage), then laid it atop my Technics. Works great for control.

    If you can\'t afford to buy a controller (they ain\'t all that cheap), then you might look on ebay for a small used midi keyboard and a decent midi-splitter. They may be a bit old and funky, but they do the job.

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    Re: No mod wheel or pitch bend

    I meant to say: I needed a mod wheel/pitch bend in addition to my Yamaha P90 stage piano.

    I purchased the M-Audio Oxygen8 for $135.00. It is a small 2 octave MIDI keyboard that plugs in a USB port so you can use it to complement your existing MIDI keyboard. So far, it has worked out perfectly: I was able to use the mod wheel right away and I configured some of the 8 dials on the keyboard to control the corresponding settings in the Kontakt player (portamento, var1, etc.).

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    Re: No mod wheel or pitch bend

    If you\'re really-really desperate, try my MFX Key Tweaker. It will allow you to send controller events with a range of keys. (some hosts will let you make this mapping natively, too) It\'s not really an intuitive system, but it will at least allow you to \"sketch in\" mod values that you can edit later by hand.

    - m

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    Re: No mod wheel or pitch bend

    Thanks everybody for all your helpful suggestions. I think the way to go is to get a controller that sits atop the Clavinova. One question - where does this plug into? I only have one MIDI in on my DMX Fire card.

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    Re: No mod wheel or pitch bend

    Mine (Evolution UC-16) plugs into the MIDI IN on my keyboard whose MIDI OUT is then connected to the MIDI In on the PC. The controller also connects to the PC via USB. To be honest I\'m not sure if the control signals are being routed via MIDI or via USB, because a load of USB-MIDI ports appeared in my set up after installing the Evolution drivers. Either way it still doesn\'t demand you have another MIDI-IN on your computer.

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    Re: No mod wheel or pitch bend

    I\'m no wresigned to forking out for a new keyboard with pitch bend amd mod wheels.

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