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Topic: Questions about Kontakt from a prospective user

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    Questions about Kontakt from a prospective user

    Some questions about Kontakt:

    1. Is kontakt good for drum and percussion samples?

    2. Is kontakt good for loops? starting and stopping?

    3. Are you able to record your own samples directly into kontakt, or do you import from a different program?

    4. Has anyone ever used it live? If so, how was it?

    5. Is kontakt good for triggering samples/loops from electronic drum pads? I\'m using old roland pd-21\'s and pd-31\'s alongside with a roland pm-16 (pad-midi interface). I\'m assuming you\'re able to assign midi channels and midi note numbers for each sample/loop.

    6. How does kontakt stack up against other software samplers? Other ones I was looking at were Motu\'s Machfive, Bitheadz Unity DS-1, and Sampletank XL.

    Any responses would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    Re: Questions about Kontakt from a prospective user

    1 yes
    2 yes
    3 no (you have to record with recording software, and its better to edit with other software as well)
    4 not me
    5 its completely possible to route pads to Kontakt patches, however you may run into Latency issues depending on amount of material being triggered, the system you\'re running on, and how much \"feel\" you might lose with any latency at all.
    6. My two main software samplers are GigaStudio and Kontakt. Lowest latency inGigastudio, however for playback sequencing I like Kontakt better for most drum samples. This is playback however and not live triggering. Live triggering (especially drums) is probably best with a hardware unit still IMO

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    Re: Questions about Kontakt from a prospective user

    I\'m mainly gonna be using the software for live use. Would it be better for me to use a hardware sampler like the akai z8? Could you recommend any other models?

    btw: I\'m using an Apple G4 powerbook, it\'s over 800mhz, with 512mb of ram. I plan on doing some complex samples and percussion grooves. How do you think the computer will hold up? Much latency?

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    Re: Questions about Kontakt from a prospective user

    The only issues I see are that percussionists/drummers are more susceptible to problems with latency than keyboard players. So the lower you can get it the better.

    I think a powerbook running Kontakt and NOT streaming samples from the disk will be fine (streaming is much better in the new update I hear tho)

    All you can do is try. If the latency is too high or the \"feel\" is off, then it might either take some getnig used to or moving to a hardware sampler.

    that choice has to be made with thoughts on how much memory you\'ll need and what type of performance features you\'ll need

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    Re: Questions about Kontakt from a prospective user

    Hi King,

    Sounds like you\'ve opted not to install the Kontakt 1.5.2 and the DFD update? I just upgraded Kontakt to 1.5.2 to support EWQLSO libraries. I heard the streaming was better in this update compared to the lower DFD rev in kompact and that I needed it. I also want to know exactly which pop tart flavor you like the best and whether that\'s with icing or plain.

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    Re: Questions about Kontakt from a prospective user

    hey Joanne,

    no, I\'m running 1.5.2 and its great, performance isn\'t worlds better on a PC for me, but it is better. I hear its made a big difference in Mac performance. I\'m jsut referencing what people have been saying about the Macs in general. I know 1.5.2 is better tho, with the new DFD update.

    Still Latency is higher in Kontakt than it would be in a hardware sampler, so for live triggering, especially for drummers, this might be an issue. \"feel\" is important for percussive instruments. For me I dont care, since I\'m not a drummer, but I know people that are offput by higher than 11ms latency.

    I guess it all depends on hardware anyway tho.

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    Re: Questions about Kontakt from a prospective user


    You are right about the latency - which is still there at 1.5.2. Giga\'s note strike to sound has very little delay or \"mushiness\" compared to Kontakt. I\'m still trying to figure out why it doesn\'t bother me - even though I compose/orchestrate in real-time playing on keyboard.

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    Re: Questions about Kontakt from a prospective user


    its different for everyone. For me I can deal with much higher latencies on some intruments than others. Percussion I can deal with higher latency than other people can deal with.

    What I\'ve found is that Drummers especially feel \"weird\" playing stuff with latency,...especially with pads/triggers.

    Of course some or most of them get used to it, but not all of them like it [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Questions about Kontakt from a prospective user

    As a drummer, I trigger all my drum sounds with pads.

    It depends what types of modules you use. If you use a Roland V-Drum module, you may not have any problems (My TD-6 works great). The rest of my pads are hooked up to an Alesis DM PRO. Since the DM PRo only sends Midi note on (and no duration or note off), libraries like Artist Drums Choke on the pads connected to the DM Pro. Don\'t know why yet, I\'ve played with the programming and cant get it to work right. I wrote an Infinity patch that fixes it, but that introduces some real latency, so I\'m still messing with it.

    Drumkit From Hell Superior has no problems. But the best has been Dr008 and Battery.

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    Re: Questions about Kontakt from a prospective user

    >>>4. Has anyone ever used it live? If so, how was it?

    I have planned to Use Kontakt in Live Prog. It is not good to use Kontakt in Stand Alone Mode. You can use Kontakt as Vsti With Brainspawn Forte.
    Forte does most of the work for Midi Routing. You can open as many other Vsti with Forte depend on your computer capablity.

    If you try Kontakt with Forte, you will feel easy. You can use to play some loops. I don;t know abt trigerring drum shot with External Midi Drums due to latency problem.


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