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Topic: Performance on mac

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    Performance on mac

    I would like to know (for mac users)

    -how many instruments are you able to load
    -how much ram and what cpu do you have?
    -tips on keeping cpu usage low.
    -what sequencer are you using

    thanks alot. i just purchased GPO and am stoked. for my current project my g4 867 could only handle 4-5 instruments in ProTools LE. (OSX.2 900mb or ram) Using the kontakt player as an insert on an audio channel.

    im sure i will have lots of questions.


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    Re: Performance on mac


    I use GPO with a G4, maxed out to 1.4 ghz and 2 gig of ram. I can load a small orchestra with moderately good playback ability. OS 10.2.6 is the lowest version you can use with GPO. OSX Panther might be a better way to go. As for processor conservation, you will need to reduce the cpu quality in the ambience control panel and using dry instruments in your orchestration will help. The combination of wet and dry in the ambience control panel is also a factor. Dry sound will eat up less processor usage. I like to use an external effects unit for reverb.
    I uploaded a demo several days ago. This was done with my mac . I used very little reverb to keep the fast notes in the strings from sounding muddy and gives more of a conductor\'s perspective.


    Good luck
    Ira Kraemer

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    Re: Performance on mac

    I started yesterday a post to ask if there will be an improvments in the kontakt player for mac. As i understood reading other posts the only way to work with GPO on mac is using a G5 otherwise you need to start freezing staff.
    I decided for the second solution and i\'m looking to buy a new laptop, load other 512MB of ram, no more because it\'s your cpu on mac my limit, and use logic express and freezing.

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