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Topic: The ultimate smoking gun?

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    The ultimate smoking gun?

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    Study their big story very carefully and see what you think. If this can not be explained away, we have a huge problem on our hands.


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    Re: The ultimate smoking gun?

    Oh Please!, What a joke. The guy that runs that site has watched to many X-Files shows. There is nothing there but what we\'ve all seen before a 100 times. Don\'t bother with this site unless you want a laugh. I actually thought it was a joke site at first. What a nut job.

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    Re: The ultimate smoking gun?

    Could be. I usually try to poke holes in various theories and this one seems new and very interesting. Even the \"find the Boeing\" has cropped back up with some questioning of the eyewitness testimony. Its like watching a ping pong game, back & forth, smoking gun-not quite, another smokng gun, nope, not quite, etc. Still, I can\'t explain away the infinite amount of research that has gone into this thing. I\'m as skeptical of the standard mainstream story as I am of the research.
    A an awefull lot of smoke to not have a fire at some point. Even now, stories are surfacing about video footage of the OK City bombing that have long been a part of the blackhelicoptor.com lore. Now they are mainstream. It will be interesting to see what starts to leak out about 9-11 in the future.


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    Re: The ultimate smoking gun?

    What comes to mind is, \"why?\" Why would there be a missile on that plane, and why would they need a missile on it? It just doesn\'t make sense. While I have no idea what that flash would be (it could be some anomaly), it\'s difficult to see how it makes any sense that it is a missile.

    As for OKC, yep, there were something like 7 surveillance videos of the area, none of which have been released to the public. In fact, the FBI has claimed that some of them have been lost, and some of them have been destroyed. Why!? Why would they do that? Why would they destroy evidence like that? And why would they not release these to the public? If McVeigh was the only one, and it was as simple as that, then why don\'t they just let the public see the tapes?

    It doesn\'t make sense unless they have something to hide. And of course, there\'s a LONG list of things that support this analysis.

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    Re: The ultimate smoking gun?


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    Re: The ultimate smoking gun?

    I tend to agree with Brady on this one. Why would they need to fire a missle if they\'re simply going to crash the plane. Seems a little far-fetched to me.

    BUT at the same time, I DO see something strange coming out of that plane shortly before impact. What\'s THAT about?

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    Re: The ultimate smoking gun?

    Yeah, actually on closer inspection and reading their own forum debate, it does seem that these particular anomalies are reflections and shadows. Its pretty well explained by people who are at the same time researching other anomalies and who are convinced something us amiss nonetheless. Had me going for a bit though I will admit. Still, the debates link to plenty of other interesting stuff that is not so easily dismissed, at least not yet. And who knows what further analysis of those videos will pick up. Perhaps they might be able to analyize & measure the videos of the planes and determine that they don\'t match the original model, things like that. But, the main ones might be attributed like I said to shadows, reflections and impact etc.

    This thing is going to be like JFK, Waco & OK City for a while. People are going to second guess and research the official stories of anything from now on because there have been so many lies & coverups and nobody trusts the government anymore. Its a good thing though. Better than swallowing anything your given.

    Also, there could still be a conspiracy to discredit the U.S. with all this stuff. Or there could be a conspiracy to create millions of contradicting conspiracies to throw people off the original conspiracy. Who knows. All I know is that when you try to figure one angle out, ten more crop up. Its infinite. It really makes you feel that there is a coverup of some sort at work in alot of these things. It would be kind of fun if people were not getting killed.


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    Re: The ultimate smoking gun?

    Dave, I don\'t get it. There is tons of credible straightforward evidence that Bush was involved in 911. This irrelevant and nutty conspiracy stuff serves to discredit the real story. In fact, I am certain that Bush and co. love it when they see this stuff pop up.

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    Re: The ultimate smoking gun?

    Nick, I\'d be curious to know about some of this evidence.

    I mean, we can read between the lines about a lot of things like the Bush families close ties with the bin Laden family, the fact that bin Laden was originally trained by the CIA back when Pappy was helping run the show, the fact that 17 of the highjackers were Saudi, the fact that several members of the bin Laden family were allowed to leave the U.S. right after 9/11, Bush\'s initial nonchalance when the attack first happened, the fact that fighter jets weren\'t immediately scrambled per standard policy to shoot down the hijackers when an order to stand down can only be given by the President, etc. etc.

    But there\'s definitely no smoking gun here. What else do you know about?

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    Re: The ultimate smoking gun?

    Dave, I don\'t get it. There is tons of credible straightforward evidence that Bush was involved in 911.

    Yeah but its dry reading and theories and study and just not as fun or compelling as if some video smoking gun were to really show up like that. That would be a wake up call that could not be explained away so easily. The current pile of research requires time and some semblence of literacy (that is just not part of the public school programs it seems and tenacity to get those points. Plus various talking heads infowariors can come up with various ways to discredit alot of it to the masses if it gets any legs. (Its the commies, no actually its Islamic propaganda, no wait its the two together, its just the Dale Gribble black helicopter cook crowd, disinformation by our enemies, liberals, extreme conservatives etc...)

    \"This irrelevant and nutty conspiracy stuff serves to discredit the real story.\"

    That is one of the points I made in my last post.

    Nice hearing from you again Nick.

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