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Topic: Attack! Fortissimo!

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    Attack! Fortissimo!

    I\'m curious as the best way to go about this with the GPO instruments. I know key velocity helps but doesn\'t have the BIG attack I\'m trying for, especially strings. Thanks.

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    Re: Attack! Fortissimo!

    I am not absolutely sure what you are looking for but if it is an emphasis on a downbeat I always use a short loud attack in the percussion. Snare and bass drum being the most effective. You could edit the velocity of the desired note(s) and set them full (127).
    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Attack! Fortissimo!

    No, actually I\'m working with strings. Here the 127 velocity doesn\'t give the sharp attack that you can get with drums, but thanks. Probably didn\'t make myself clear. I don\'t think the GPO strings have a forte/fortissimo accent among its samples, so I\'m trying to come up with a solution.

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    Re: Attack! Fortissimo!

    I know what you mean and would be interested to hear if you/someone knows where to look for this. Maybe the \'short bows\' are heading in the right direction? Since owning GPO I have been converting a lot of my old work (written with hardware synths and Soundfonts) into GPO and a lot of the faster string/violin lines are barely coming out in certain phrases - ie the note moves on to the next before the the note attack has reached its peak. For the moment until I have had time to try out all the samples, I have switched back to the Soundfont samples. I think what you are looking for is the sound when the bow hits the string running (\'digging\' I think it is called) so there is little/no soft attack.

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    Re: Attack! Fortissimo!

    I think the best you can do is use the Short bows samples of your string instrument(s) and max out the velocity. Seems to work fine for me *shrug.

    - Junk

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    Re: Attack! Fortissimo!

    One way you can do this uses the various Section Strings - Sus+Short samples. With note velocity and the mod wheel at maximum, you get a fairly aggressive attack with a loud sustain. There\'s actually a good explanation of how this works on page 31 of the manual.

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    Re: Attack! Fortissimo!

    I have resorted at times to doubling the string parts that need a strong attack on another track that calls the FX tremolo sound making all the notes very short. Then I can mix in the amount of bite I want. It seems to work.

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    Re: Attack! Fortissimo!


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    Re: Attack! Fortissimo!


    Glenn has a good suggestion to max the note velocity and mod wheel.

    tabtech\'s suggestion to double the string parts is also effective for obtaining bigger attacks.

    Also, try layering in a few solo strings for more bite.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Attack! Fortissimo!


    Since this is so obviously something everyone wants (is there anyone using GPO that doesn\'t need this feature?) I\'m hoping you and Tom are considering adding some sort of preset or additional samples for exactly this effect. Perhaps it could be another keyswitch on the KS strings or something, but it would be nice if we didn\'t have to resort to workarounds to get a sound we use quite a bit.

    In my old age it\'s hard enough to remember how to use all this stuff let alone remember to try and add another two layers of solo and tremelo and max out the velocity and mod wheel just to get a sound I need.

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